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I am willing to be so bold.

The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

When I began eating healthier, bread was definitely on my hit list. I realized that if I replaced a few slices of bread a day, I could make room for things like greens, fresh fruits, legumes, 10 weeks body change rezepte that I would be getting more nutrients from the same amount of calories.

The Danes are excellent bread makers, especially when it comes to sourdoughs and of course, rye. Bread here is hearty, filling, and a single slice is almost like a meal in itself. I love going to the bakery on Saturday morning and getting a loaf of rye that has naturally risen for days, been baked for 24 hours, and looks and feels like a brick.

This way I appreciate bread on a whole other level and it becomes special. I savour every slice instead 10 weeks body change rezepte making it every meal.

When I walked into her apartment I could smell it. Something malty and definitely baked, toasty, nutty…when I rounded the corner to her kitchen, there it was.

The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread - My New Roots

A very beautiful loaf of bread, pretty as a picture, studded with sunflower seeds, chia and almonds, 10 weeks body change rezepte around the corners and begging me to slice into it. She served it with a number of spreads; pesto, lentil hummus, some veggie pate. It magically seemed to compliment everything I slathered across its speckled flesh.

Hints of sea salt here and there, nestled between the oats, around the corner from a golden flax seed. So beautiful and more than tasty, this was a revelation.

Nice observation, and the answer is psyllium seed husks. I just came back from 10 weeks body change rezepte a detox course in Lisbon where I got all 10 weeks body change rezepte participants in-the-know about this amazing little supplement that also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, aid digestion and weight loss, and alleviate diarrhea and constipation.

Psyllium seed husks contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber dissolves in water and soothes the digestive tract with its mucilaginous properties, while the insoluble fiber acts like a broom to sweep the colon free of toxins.

But the good news is, you can take it anytime — many people find that a daily dose of a teaspoon or two in a glass of water really helps them get their bowels moving, or slow them down if necessary. Well, the idea here is to use psyllium to bind all these lovely ingredients together without resorting to flour.

Eat delicious bread, have good poops.


Psyllium is available at health food stores and most pharmacies. It comes in two forms, the raw husks 10 weeks body change rezepte, and powdered, which are just the husks that have been pulverized.

It is easier to take the powdered form as it dissolves easier in water, but that is not important in the case of this bread — either type work just fine. Now, allow me to explain the title.