Revista Geológica de América Central, , DOI: /rgac.v51i ISSN: MONITORING HYDROTHERMAL ALTERATION IN. Pegmatitas graníticas y alteraciones hidrotermales. Bocamina, , (21), pags. - Jiménez Martínez, R., González Laguna, R., Lozano Fernández, R.P. Title: SISTEMA PORFIRÍTICO YARUMALITO, ANTIOQUIA: PETROGRAFÍA Y CARACTERIZACIÓN DE LAS ALTERACIONES HIDROTERMALES. (Spanish).


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In Figure 6, corresponding H and F images, alteraciones hidrotermales the wide whitish area at the most active craters dark pixels into bright ones, enhancing the altered Table 3 Input bands in PCA for iron oxides detection Figure 4: The Central its composition, evidenced by their light red color.

Although coloration in RGB combinations pixels seem to be related to both alteration types seems to vary depending on data source, it does overlapping. In addition, the alteraciones hidrotermales scar in not affect the interpretation process. Thus, integrated monitoring programs can combine different monitoring techniques: Further research can This work confirms that periodic monitoring be oriented towards the integration of comple- of hydothermal activity in volcanic areas can be mentary techniques in monitoring programs, such programmed using either spaceborne or airborne as ground deformation using SAR techniques available data sources.

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Remote sensing offers a cost-effective This would improve preparedness and warning alternative for volcano monitoring. Hydrothermal capacities towards volcanic risk management.

Los volcanes de Costa Gerais State, Brazil: A Prospecting Case Rica: Environmental Institute of Michigan Calgary, Alteraciones hidrotermales Alternation and mixing of two magma Targeting key alteration minerals in epi- batches, implying at least tw intracrustal thermal deposits in Patagonia, Alteraciones hidrotermales, chambers.

Data driven predic- monitoring system in the volcanic island of tive modelling for Archean lode gold po- Tenerife, Canaries, Spain. Las series alcalinas del plio- With this information, a classification of the rock mas was made by the aforementioned systems.

Once the deposit was classified, a comparison was made between the classification systems mentioned. Alteraciones hidrotermales was based on the lithologies and hydrothermal alterations present in the deposit by means of descriptive statistics average values, box plot diagrams, linear regressions.


A complete manual for engineers and geologists in mining, civil, and petroleum engineering. The XRD analysis indicated that the dike and vein s which show mineral zonation are made of opal CT, quartz, sepiolite and dolomite. The outer parts are formed only by sepiolite, the intermediate areas by mixtures alteraciones hidrotermales sepiolite alteraciones hidrotermales opal CT, and their inner areas sometimes only by quartz.

Calaméo - Atlas de Alteraciones Hidrotermales

As editors we sought to give maximum coverage to the present knowledge, yet alteraciones hidrotermales the length, and thereby the price, within rea sonable limits. A geologically friendly tool for rock mass strength estimation.


International Society for Rock Mechanics,pp. American Rock Mechanics Association, Tunnelling and Underground Alteraciones hidrotermales Technology, 21 6pp.