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Background[ edit ] Historical and academic accounts[ edit ] The MMA conglomeration of distinct Islamist parties amal islami ran under a single banner during the nationwide general elections held in Islamist movements are defined as those which amal islami inspiration from the Islamic scriptures, the Qur'an and Hadith, and then vie to come to power in a state.

However, social science and ethnographic work has proven that Islamism emerges from middle-class lay intellectuals concentrated in urban centers. The Islamic political parties formed the think tankknown as Pakistan-Afghanistan Defense Council later known as Pakistan Defence Councilyet the formation of the MMA in was the first time such a amal islami entered the electoral process.

Despite its huge mass, populismand support, the MMA alliance only retained 63 seats whilst the PPP retained 94 seats and the President Musharraf 's PML Q securing seats during the general elections held in The alliance comprised the following notable groups: They chant the slogan Ya Rasool Allah tere chahne amal islami ki khair as the 'love slogan' of their Party.


The party is led by Fazal-ur-Rehman who became widely known for his vocal and strong support for Benazir Bhutto and the Pakistan Peoples Party in the s. The JUI F was politically influential, got amal islami hardlines, and had traditional stream of thinking — with popular appeal amongst clerics, Pashtuns and Baloch amal islami Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Despite its hardliners, its large portion remaining active in the MMA, the party remained less influential in alliance's political shifts.

The Shiite and ultraconservative party that played a crucial role in uniting the Shia masses to offer support to MMA. Its political influence was also less in the alliance's political shifts.


Historically, it has foreign support and ties with Iran. Leading up to the elections, the PPP and the PML-N were severely handicapped as elite amal islami of their respective parties were charged with corruption under the military regime, amal islami thus, under the Legal Framework Ordinances LFOwere rendered incapable of running for office.

Also, in public, the MMA remained confrontational and opposed Musharraf for his partnership with the U.

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S, his promotion of "enlightened moderation", and his refusal to take off his uniform despite making several promises amal islami do so. Leading up amal islami the elections, the MMA composed a point manifesto as follows: To revive fear of God, affection to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed and service to people with particular emphasis on government officials and cabinet members.

News & Functions

To make Pakistan a true Islamic amal islami state to ensure justice to people and eradicate corruption whatsoever. To ensure provision of bread, clothes, shelter, education, jobs amal islami marriage expenses to all citizens. To protect basic human rights life, property and honour of citizens To create an independent, just and humane economic system where citizens will be provided opportunities for 'halal' legitimate jobs, business, and investments.

To ensure uniform and quick justice to every citizen, from the president to a layman. amal islami

International Islamic University Malaysia

To develop God-fearing, helping, brave and protecting police system. To ensure compulsory and free of charge education up amal islami matriculation high school level and provide opportunities to meritorious students and scholars for advanced research. To protect rights of women guaranteed by Islam and restoration of their amal islami and prestige.

To abolish all chronic and new feudal amal islami with forfeiture of illegal wealth and its distribution among the poor. To provide lands to peasants and farmers for their livelihood and guarantee reasonable prices for their produce.


To protect provincial autonomy and district governments, taking care of backward areas and classes and taking special steps to get amal islami at par with developed areas. To get the country and people rid of imperialistic forces amal islami their local agents.

To extend moral, political and diplomatic help and support to all suppressed with particular emphasis on KashmirisPalestiniansAmal islamiand Chechens. The coalition consisted of large numbers of ethnic Pakhtuns, and thus was active in organizing demonstrations against the plight of Afghan Pakhtuns under siege.