To help you get a good grasp of basic English grammar, GrammarCamp provides a short history of English and explains why grammar is important. This is a quick, basic grammar review for nouns, verbs, and the sometimes confusing usage of lay versus lie, and rise versus raise. This reference can be used. English itself has basic rules that people need to follow for it to make sense to hearers and readers. Here are some basic English grammar rules that are easy to.


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Whenever writing multiple sentences about the same subject or line of thought, use paragraphs to divide long segments of writing. Should a line of thought require a list basic english grammar sure to separate each article by a comma.

Make sure case and number of the subject and the verb match.

Grammar Rules Review

Basic english grammar the noun is singular the verb should be singular as well. When connecting two lines of thought in a sentence, use a conjunction to make things make better sense.

If you have basic english grammar lines of thought that are similar feel free to use a semicolon to combine them. Make sure to use the correct tense when writing or speaking English. Try not to end a sentence with a preposition. A conjunction word basic english grammar not be used to start a sentence.

Learn Basic English Grammar - EnglishClass

This picture shows you a sentence diagram that contains a verb phrase. The words in blue are all individual words, but they are coming together to perform the job of one part of speech.

They are functioning as the verb, so we call this a verb phrase. Action Step Go to the phrases page and familiarize yourself with phrases. If you're a beginner, focus only on verb phrases and prepositional phrases for now.

Learn Clauses Basic english grammar are another unit of language, and learning grammar basic english grammar that you study them next! All clauses contain a subject and a verb. Some clauses can stand alone independent clauses and some cannot dependent clauses.

Those that can't basic english grammar alone function as single parts of speech - just like phrases!


Action Step Go to the clauses page and study independent clauses and the three types of dependent clauses. Use Sentence Diagrams Sentence diagramming is a great basic english grammar to help you learn grammar and retain everything that you learn for years to come.

Sprinkle your diagramming lessons throughout the first four steps. You'll start with sentence diagrams like basic english grammar.

English Grammar

Action Basic english grammar Learn some basic diagramming starting with these sentence diagramming exercises. As we learned a moment ago, verbs represent actions that are being performed.

That action could have been performed in the past.


That action could be currently underway. Alternatively, it could be that the action is going to be performed in the future.