Round 1: No prep. Location: Gotham City. Standard 2: Hand-to-hand combat. Location: Gotham City. No weaponsRound 3. Sorry if this battle has already been waged, but I always thought about what a Batman vs Dredd fight would be like. The two characters are very. I remember the Judge Dredd vs. Batman graphic novel signing launch at the Virgin Megastore at Oxford Circus in London amazed even the police with the  Main characters‎: ‎Batman‎; ‎Judge Dredd‎; ‎Judge.


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batman vs judge dredd Vendetta in Gotham Writers: Cam Kennedy No weapons Just the way you wanted it! While the Ventriloquist is developing some mysterious plan during a theater play, Judge Dredd suddenly appears in the dimension of Gotham City demanding a man-to-man fight with the Batman.


The Ultimate Riddle Writers: The Riddler lures into a trap to the Batman and he ended in some batman vs judge dredd unknown place where Judge Dredd appears too and a whole group of deadly intergalactic fighters, where a mysterious host demands a contest of battles where only one can survive.

This story is a basic all-out rumble batman vs judge dredd much brains in the narrative but the really great artwork by Carl Critchlow is plenty enough to gain the vital third star to the rating on this particular story.

Glenn Fabry Have you seen this man?

Justice Department offers ten million credits for information leading to his capture! It seems that all journeys lead to this story. After three hard encounters between Judge Dredd batman vs judge dredd The Batman, everything seemed like a paved road conducting to this final event.

The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection

The Joker heard from the Scarecrow about the existence of dimensional-jump belts able to transport people between dimensions, so he traces one of them. Once in Mega-City One… his plan?

I think that this is more solid story of the bunch involving Batman and Dredd, a really smart use of all characters of both publishing houses batman vs judge dredd also, the incredible artwork by Glenn Fabry. So you thought that was all, ah? Well, you were happily mistaken since this collected TPB featurig a bonus story, reprinting the crossover of Judge Dredd with Lobo!!!

After killing Benny, Death attempts to turn on Scarecrow, who batman vs judge dredd him with a dose of his fear toxin exposing Death to visions of cute, fluffy bunnies and My Little Ponies and directs him to a heavy metal concert featuring a band called Living Death.

Meanwhile, Mean Machine demolishes a bar and is directed to the same concert.

Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham - Wikipedia

As Batman vs judge dredd slaughters the heavy metal band, Batman, Anderson, and Dredd appear. In the battle that follows, Death is on the verge of killing Dredd when Batman uses a batarang to destroy his physical body while Anderson imprisons his spirit in her mind.

Mean Machine, stuck in a berserk frenzy that demolishes the stage, is subdued after a pinpoint batman vs judge dredd from Dredd destroys the mood-controlling dial on his head.

Scarecrow is likewise captured. They are close to blows when Anderson persuades Dredd to drop the charges against Batman, especially since she warns that Death must be delivered to proper containment before he successfully breaks free from her mind.

As they depart, Dredd admits that Batman is a "bit of a tough guy", implying some respect. batman vs judge dredd

The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection by John Wagner

Character handling[ edit ] In this version the Scarecrow is given a ghoulish, almost phantom-like look, as compared to his contemporary appearance in DC comics wherein his costume resembled that of conventional scarecrows. Unmasked, Batman has a number of distinctive grey hairs.

Reception[ edit ] Igor Goldkind was AD's marketing consultant at the time and recalls one successful event: I remember the Judge Dredd vs. Batman graphic novel signing launch at the Virgin Megastore at Oxford Circus in London amazed even the police with the numbers that lined up around batman vs judge dredd block to get their book signed by Simon Batman vs judge dredd, John Wagner and Alan Grant.