A collection of recipes from Bengali cuisine that are not just easy but also delicious to cook and eat. If you are a lover of Bengali food but don't know how to cook. The Bengali cuisine has famous dishes like Ghonto, Pora, Bhapa, Bawra, Bhaja, Bhate, Dalna, Jhol, Rasgulla, Sandesh, Ras Malai, Chum Chum, Payesh, Mishti. Welcome to the home of best Bengali food recipes, most authentic Bengali recipes online. Find Bengali recipe with easy step by step instructions and pictures.


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It is then cooked in an onion and bengali recipes gravy. The riot of flavours and textures is just so drool-worthy. Not sure why no one else thought this could be so yummy! Roundels of brinjal is marinated in a little salt, turmeric, chilli power if needed bengali recipes a pinch of sugar.


Then they are fried off till the exterior is crunchy and brown. Though most Bengalis can't be bothered to go through these complications. We are looking at you vada pav bengali recipes aloo paratha rights activists. It's a simple curry made from poppy seed paste and potatoes with green chillies, mustard oil bengali recipes kalonji as the dominant flavouring elements.

This one makes every Bengali very, very, very happy.

20 Bengali Vegetarian Dishes That Can Give Meat, Fish A Run For Their Money

Or homesick, if they have no easy, inexpensive access to it. HungryForever Get the Aloo Posto recipe from hungryforever. It's meant to be an accompaniment but you can spot people eating it just like that. If bengali recipes add a little pudina to it, you have a winner of a bengali recipes.

11 Best Bengali Recipes | Easy Bengali Recipes

Simple deep fried food-loving people, these Bengalis. Spiced with whole garam bengali recipes this is light on the palate but a burst of flavours.

Made from dried white peas, and with simple flavours, it's especially lip-smacking when served with raw onions, chopped green chillies, coriander and a little chaat masala. From the spicy version sold by vendors to the slightly less spicy ones made at home, ghugni, people will say, is a mood-lifter of sorts.

Getty Images You'll get a fair idea of what ghugni means to Bengalis and how it's bengali recipes in this blog. It's a light dish made from bottle gourd and fried lentil dumplings.

Often, grated coconut bengali recipes added to liven things up a tad more.

Bengali Recipes | Bengali Food Recipes

It's sweet and salty, also a fun play of textures between the soft vegetable and the crunchy boris. Experiences of a gastronomad. This mish mash of vegetables is cooked painstakingly, preferably in mustard oil. Pumpkin and potatoes are a must in this, and one usually bengali recipes carrots, sometime cauliflower to it too.

What you get a heartwarming, sweetish, spicy vegetable dish bengali recipes to go with everything from khichdi bengali recipes plain rice. One could make little chhena balls, fry them and then make this gravy. However, these days one settles for paneer too.

Bengali Recipes

The tenderness of the flesh, unique taste and silvery appeal make it the 'queen of fish'. In fact, hilsa holds great cultural importance in Bengal and a pair of hilsa fish Joda Ilish is usually bought on auspicious occasions.

On the vegetarian platter, one bengali recipes mostly bengali recipes tubers, gourds and roots.