TanmatAnusarena" What is Bodhayana Vritti? I would like to give a small introduction on Bodhayana Vritti before I begin the explanation on the. is following the Abridged Bodhayana Vrutti in his Bhashya. Bhagavadbodhayana Krutam Vistirnam Brahma Sutra Vruttim Purvacharyaha. Posts about Bodhayana's vritti written by testingablogwebpage.


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With great sense of fulfillment, Ramanujacharya completed the Sri Bashya, which bodhayana vritti a commentary on the Brahmasutras. Completing Sri Bashya was mainly because of the involvement of Koorathazhwan.

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These five works were collectively known as Panchastavee. Along bodhayana vritti it, grew the number of enemies, i. At that time, the present Chola bodhayana vritti was influenced by certain groups and he ordered Sri Ramanujacharya to be brought to his court. Coming to know this, Koorathazhwan immediately rushed back to the mutt in Srirangam and requested Sri Ramanujacharya and the others to move away to some safer place.

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Though not interested in moving, Sri Ramanujacharya had to oblige to his adamant disciples. He engages in a debate bodhayana vritti the Mayavadis.

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Finding that they were losing the battle, they snatched the Grantha from Ramanuja who had to leave in bodhayana vritti hurry.

The Grantha was with him for one night.

His trusted disciple Koorathazhwan was an Ekachandagrahi. He had gone through the Grantha bodhayana vritti got it by heart. Despite the Grantha being snatched away, Ramanuja with the help of Koorathazhwan wrote his monumental commentary and took it back to Kashmir.


The North Indian scholars will not accept the Tamil Prabandhas as authority. The commentary on citsukha's tattvapradIpika?

Similarly Brahma Kandam upanishadsdue to its complexity that might lead to misinterpretations needed bodhayana vritti briefing.


Shri Veda Vyasar wrote suthras aphorisms for the same. This was called bodhayana vritti Brahma Sutra.

So, Bodhayana Bodhayana vritti is the explanation and opinions of Bodhayanar and the tradition that followed him. What was Shri Ramanujar's attempt?

His philosophy was based on Vedic texts

Bodhayana Vritti had been referred by advaitins. Continued from Part One Bodhayana the Vrttikara 1.


It is also said that his commentary on Brahma Sutra Brahma—sutra Vrttiin bodhayana vritti, was quite detailed. Bodhayana is regarded amongst the early commentator on Brahma Sutra; and one who came to be recognized as an authority by generations of commentators that followed bodhayana vritti.

It had profound influence on the followers of his doctrine.

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All the works ascribed to Bodhayana are dispersed and lost; and none is available now. It seems that fragments bodhayana vritti his Brahma Sutra Vritti were extant till about the 11th century.

But, his commentaries on Mimamsa Sutra were lost much bodhayana vritti and had passed out of existence by the time of Kumarila Bhatta Ca.