Latest L > R Topos. Karlstein · Odenwald · Schwäbische Alb · Ith · Labertal · Brünnstein · Schlossberg · Weberwand · Kochel · Luegsteinsee · Create New Topo -. Most boulders are free-standing and exposed on all sides, but this one comes out of the ground and has foliage on the top and back side, with the steep side. Areas in Frankenjura Northern Frankenjura lies in southern Germany, specifically in Franconia (the northern part of . Trad Sport Toprope Boulder %.


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Approach The crags are scattered all over the area, so having a car is recommended.


Where to stay Especially in the northern Frankenjura one can find plenty of rather cheap holiday appartments. Camping is another popular option.

General information

boulder frankenjura topo The legendary Oma Eichler campground in the Trubachtal is a meeting point for climbers since many years. I appreciate the general approach time here by 2 to 10 mins so boulder frankenjura topo.

Great, when you have little time. Perhaps the routes are less dense, sometimes with just one or two, or they could be further to walk. But they are far quieter. The Jura limestone in Frankenjura is all about pockets and dents. It still surprises me to meet people who comes here who says they loathe climbing on boulder frankenjura topo.

Best season to climb I met a french couple the other day who claimed they chose to climb in Frankenjura in summer instead of their french alps.

Now that was extraordinary! Best season for climbing in Frankenjura is from Spring to Autumn.

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Many of the walls are hidden behind tall luscious greens, making it perfect for hot summer days. It can also get very humid too since the walls are not situated at any high boulder frankenjura topo.

In such days, caves or towers on a slope are good options. On sunny, winter days hit for tree free walls, far away from hidden walls in caves that seep and stays wet most of the time. Take note on the large amount of walls that are closed during the bird bans. boulder frankenjura topo

Bouldering in Freudenmauer, Frankenjura

Warm, humid and wet are best conditions for Ticks to thrive in. And there are many in the region. Do take precautions against tick bites. Where to climb in Frankenjura?

The choice is yours. Some claim that climbing in Frankenjura lacks diversity. They probably have not discovered the walls with crimps and ledges yet. The Frankenjura rocks boulder frankenjura topo basically out of limestone.

Boulder frankenjura topo few kilometres out of the region and you find yourself surrounded by granite or sandstone. A guide book is the best way to get the information you are looking for.