There is that special moment when two people click, rather than simply meet. The Brafman brothers (Sway) draw on a variety of sources to find. You know the feeling. You meet someone new—at a party or at work—and you just hit it off. There is an instant sense of camaraderie. Click has ratings and reviews. Rebecca said: Click was written in the same vein as Malcolm Gladwell's Blink and Outliers. Like Gladwell, the au.


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But their fortunes were reversed by a random act of student accommodation.

'Click': That Magical Instant Connection Explained

Four of their players were housed in the same dorm. With this combination at the heart of the team, they went on to win the NCAA tournament two years in a row. Talented as they were, none of them were superstars in their own right.

When they left college and moved into the NBA, they went to different teams, and none of them achieved the level of success they had shown when they had been together.

She found it was not the normal convergence data brafman click as religion, age, ethnic brafman click, social-economics etc but their name.

Click by Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman |

This was because they were more likely to sit together in the classrooms, so were able to develop conversations together. Sit even a couple of chairs away, and the chance of forming a friendship diminishes rapidly.

The key was the people at the end of the corridors had fewer potential connections whilst brafman click at the hub had a lot more. The growth of digital connectivity through Face Book, emails, brafman click etc does not create powerful connections digital allows for lots of misunderstanding which personal contact irons out.

  • Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori Brafman
  • Click: The Magic of Instant Connections
  • Summary of Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman’s book ‘Click – The magic of instant connections’

One of the brafman click findings is that proximity leads to spontaneous communication — i. Teams that were physically sat close together liked each other more and experienced less task related conflicts than those teams that were spread out. The four women then attended university lectures.

One attended 15 lectures, another 10, the third 5 and the last none. Click Brafman click Ori and Rom Brafman follow-up their brafman click Sway with a look at what brings people together. By Jack Covert The Book: I mean, what does anybody who's in there know about Plato and the Greeks, or care about them?

He had that courage to be different.

'Click': That Magical Instant Connection Explained : NPR

And then it happened. Paul, seemingly without any brafman click, looked at Nadia and asked, "What would you say if I told you that I loved you and wanted to marry you?


First, it's important brafman click note that Paul and Nadia weren't teenagers driven by hyperactive hormones. They were seasoned business executives. Like most of us, when they met a new person, they usually spent their first moments brafman click for something to talk about.

Click – The magic of instant connections

Where are you from? What kind of work do you do? Occasionally, though, an interaction with another person brafman click more intense and intimate from the get-go.

Why is it that we click in certain situations and with certain people, brafman click not with others? Can this kind of magical connection be consciously encouraged?