Perhaps it is just one of those days, but I am unable to find where we can buy the Werner and Modlin "Basic Ratemaking" packet from the CAS. The CAS Board of Directors initiated the project to provide a consolidated text on the topic of basic ratemaking and another on reserving. This text outlines basic property/casualty insurance ratemaking The objective of the CAS in creating a new basic ratemaking text was to.


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Premium and Loss transactions DO NOT match Reserve changes from prior years can distort the reliability of the data for ratemaking and management purposes. Exact ultimate losses cannot be finalized until all losses settled.

Premium transaction during the same 12 months. The estimates of the future premium, losses and expenses are based upon past observations of company experience, competitors, the economy, and cas basic ratemaking world in general.

CAS Seminar on Ratemaking - ppt download

Ratemaking bridges the past to the future. In the following slides we will discuss how the bridging cas basic ratemaking in more detail. When consistently applied to a cas basic ratemaking set of data, it can be shown that these 2 methodologies will result in identical rates.

In general, the PP method is used to set rates for a new line or product or when there are no existing rates. The loss ratio method is used to calculate the needed change in existing rates.


Cas basic ratemaking is a quick example of how the calculation works. This details the specific elements and calculations that go into the calculation of the overall rate level indication.

CAS Seminar on Ratemaking

We will be filling in the various elements as we discuss them. Rate Index for The videos aren't working on my personal computer. What can I do?


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CAS Exam 5: Basic Ratemaking and Reserving

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