Hey guys, so over the years ever since I was 15 I always wanted to learn how to DJ and eventually produce at some point. School got in the. Last week we published a video for kids that will help them explain digital DJing. A number of our readers suggested that we should instead. My full DJing tutorial for beginners. Learn everything you need to play your very first gig and become a DJ.


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This is only important for those who intend on playing live djing for beginners traveling with their DJ gear, playing gigs whether it be weddings, bars, clubs, house parties and moreor setting up at a friend or band members house to practice or djing for beginners out.

Ever see that image with a DJ holding one side of the headphones to their ear with their shoulder and the other half hanging by their neck? Typically with mixers, you can use the slider to direct where you want the sound to come out. We give you a recommendation or two below but also suggest you buy all of your gear first before grabbing cases and mounts.


The best DJ equipment for beginners Turntable: US UK First into our beginner DJ equipment picks, we have the highly rated Gemini TTUSB, a turntable that is considered one of the best due to its ability to bridge the vinyl and digital recording worlds to give us both that analog and digital feel, as well as its affordability on top of it all.

Like the Gemini previously discussed, the TTUSB provides you some good compatibility, as it also has the ability to blend your vinyl records into a digital collection which is why we consider it having a place on the list of the best beginners DJ gear.

It is also equipped with an adjustable anti-skating djing for beginners for better stereo balance while spinning and supports playback speeds of By simply exporting your analog music to popular digital formats like WAV or MP3, you can put your old records onto the top of your music library for an all-in-one organized access.

The Numark TTUSB and Gemini are pretty comparable as they are similarly priced and both blend the vinyl and djing for beginners worlds together — choose whichever best fits your taste. The Pyle is a 3-channel DJ MP3 mixer featuring a built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming that works with virtually all devices — allowing you to stream from your device directly to the unit.

Weekend DJ Course

This features lets you plug any audio source mic, djing for beginners, MP3 player, etc. The DJMMK2 is a 2-channel mixer that offers djing for beginners controls and a clear layout — both of which are two key factors for the budding DJ. The DJM also comes with dedicated 3-band isolators to make scratching and mixing easier for the user.

The Numark is a Djing for beginners controller that has all the necessary controls for the common novice trying to learn how to spin, while also including coming with additives like a cool light show to take your party to the next level.

The audio interface is of high quality and is equipped with 2 balanced stereo outputs.

In addition to the equalizers and mixers for each channel, there is a Remix button and FLUX function, djing for beginners allow you djing for beginners bring your mixes to a whole new level and unleash your creativity.

Traktor can be downloaded for free and used in demo mode, but only for 30 minutes at a time. However, with the launch of rekordbox DJ inPioneer expanded the software to incorporate full playing and mixing functionality.

Beyond these big three, there are numerous other options, many of which offer similar levels of functionality at a more affordable price. At the cheapest end of the spectrum Mixxx is worth a look.


This is one of the smaller companies out there for DJ software so new features and development may be slower than the bigger labels down the road. Djay also has midi mapping! Djay is intended as djing for beginners very consumer level product; the effects, sync engine and other standard DJ features do have a hard time competing with more serious software like Traktor or Virtual DJ.