DuroMax Bi-Fuel Generator - XPEH, Watt, Propane & Gas Clean running propane will not gum up or foul the carburetor for quick and reliable starts. The Duromax XPEH dual fuel portable generator can run on Propane as well as gasoline. Duromax is a brand that is marketed by Max Tools and though. This DuroMax XPEH review is meant to explain the benefits and features of this portable generator. A generator is an essential machine to own when a.


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Clean running propane will not gum up or damage duromax xp4400eh carburetor. Unlike gasoline, liquid propane can be stored for years. Flexible line allows for connecting to tanks of any size.


Designed to run on gasoline or propane for duromax xp4400eh convenience. Full power panel with engine shutoffvolt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets.

DuroMax XP4400EH Review: Pro and Cons

Tank Low oil shut-off protects engine. This unit contains an electric start with a backup EZ pull recoil. This means that a user will have no trouble duromax xp4400eh up the engine.

Duromax xp4400eh battery is included for the electric start as well. Operating Noise No one wants to buy a noisy piece of equipment that will bother the neighborhood.

DuroMax Bi-Fuel Generator - XP4400EH, 4400 Watt, Propane & Gas

This generator is equipped with a super quiet muffler which keeps noise to a minimum. This DuroMax generator operates on either standard gasoline or propane.

Propane gas holds many advantages including the fact that it burns cleaner and does not cause problems within a carburetor. Duromax xp4400eh the fuel back and forth is simple and quick. It should normally only take seconds to change duromax xp4400eh gas to propane.


The included flexible line means that any size propane tank can be attached, even one from a standard barbecue grill. It is important to remember that the larger the tank, the longer the machine will run. It can also be used to supply power to your cabin in the woods duromax xp4400eh run your electrical appliances.

You could also use it to power duromax xp4400eh electrical appliances in your RV when camping. When you face the generator you will find the engine ignition switch at duromax xp4400eh extreme left.

DuroMax XPEH Review: Pro and Cons • Portable Generator Master

Duromax xp4400eh this switch is the oil alert lamp which tells you if the engine is low duromax xp4400eh oil. To the right of this switch you will find the Voltmeter and below this meter you have the 12 Volt DC duromax xp4400eh with the circuit breaker that controls this outlet.

To the right of the toggle switch you haven the main Circuit breaker which controls the generator and below it you have the ground terminal.


Start up The DuraMax XPEH portable generator can run on either gasoline or propane, when running the generator on gasoline the duromax xp4400eh propane source should be shut Off, similarly when running on propane the gasoline supply must be shut Off.

This generator is equipped with an electric start which makes it easy to duromax xp4400eh the engine.