13 Nov Explore ebenezer samuel's board "Endtime message" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Brother, Sibling and Lord. Heaven has a code as well. Many Bible students, throughout time, have puzzled over the divine secret codes contained in Daniel and Revelation. Like the secret. There has in recent years been a continual “falling away” of past professed Message believers from this end-time Message. Some of these professed believers.


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And I went and told mother.

A Great Falling Away - THE END TIME MESSAGE

And I told her I seen it. And they thought I was crazy or something. They thought I was just at a little nervous hysterical child. And twenty-two years from that time, on the same ground went end time message municipal bridge across, and sixteen men lost their lives on it.

Weclome to - End Time

I ran as hard as I could. She thought a snake had bit me or something.

But I wouldn't tell her. And my little brother and I, a few days later from that was setting out under the tree.

We'd been playing marbles.

And I felt a peculiar feeling, like a Something was standing near me. And all at once, something happened.


And I looked, and I seen coming up out of the river a big bridge, spanned across the river, and sixteen people fell off of it. I went and told them.

They said, "Why, you dreamed end time message.


And it just started like that, and begin That was before I was ever even a Christian. My people wasn't Christian. Gifts and callings are without repentance. It's a foreordination of God.

  • End Time Warning Message
  • Introduction

Then It kept telling things on down. Extensive research into the archives shows that there is no historical record of sixteen men falling to their deaths from this bridge. Other inconsistencies exist with regards end time message the mentioned twenty-two years.

General Principles

End time message of all, the context of these quotes is Brother Branham showing that a person with a gift is born with that gift, and he was showing that he had had this gift from end time message time that he was a child.

That was the point that Brother Branham was trying to make. And notice that his mother was there when he was telling it.

She would have known if he was making something up or not. Now with proper understanding of the context of these quotes, let us look at the possibilities: