Find here online price details of companies selling Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Erbium Doped Fiber. Thorlabs' core-pumped erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) offer >20 dBm (> mW) output power with a low noise figure of. A typical setup of a simple erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is shown in Figure 1. Its core is the erbium-doped optical fiber, which is typically a single-mode.


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Optical amplifier - Wikipedia

Another important characteristic is that EDFA can amplify multiple optical signals simultaneously, and thus can be easily combined with WDM technology. The booster amplifier is placed just after the transmitter to increase the optical power launched to the erbium doped fiber amplifier line.

The inline amplifiers are placed in the transmission line, compensating the attenuation induced by the optical fiber. The pre-amplifier is placed just before the receiver, such that sufficient optical power is launched to the receiver.

A typical distance between each of the EDFAs is several tens of kilometers. An EDFA may also be used to maintain long spans of a passive fiber network and erbium doped fiber amplifier also be used for some types of equipment testing. Pump lasers, known as pumping bands, insert dopants into the silica fiber, resulting in a gain, or amplification.

What is Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)? - Definition from Techopedia

EDFA amplification occurs as the pump laser excites the erbium ions, which then reach a higher energy level. Photons are emitted as erbium ion levels decrease, or decay.

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The pump light may be coupled into the transmission fiber in the same direction as the signal co-directional pumpingin the opposite direction contra-directional pumping or both.

Contra-directional pumping is more common as the transfer of noise from the pump to the signal is reduced.


Lumped amplifiers, where the pump light can be safely contained to avoid safety implications of high optical powers, may use over 1 W of optical power. The principal advantage of Raman amplification is its ability to provide distributed amplification within the transmission fiber, thereby increasing the length of spans between amplifier and regeneration sites.

The amplification bandwidth of Raman amplifiers is defined by the pump wavelengths utilised and so amplification can be provided over wider, and different, regions than may be possible with other amplifier types which erbium doped fiber amplifier on dopants and device design to define the erbium doped fiber amplifier 'window'.

Raman amplifiers have some fundamental advantages.

First, Raman gain exists in every fiber, which provides a cost-effective means of upgrading from the terminal ends. Second, the gain is nonresonant, which means that gain is available over the entire transparency region of the fiber ranging erbium doped fiber amplifier approximately 0.

A third advantage of Raman amplifiers is that the gain spectrum can be tailored by adjusting the pump wavelengths. For instance, multiple pump lines can be used to increase the optical bandwidth, and the pump distribution determines the gain flatness.

Optical amplifier

First, compared to the EDFAs, Raman amplifiers have relatively poor pumping efficiency at lower signal powers. Although a disadvantage, this lack of pump efficiency also makes gain clamping easier in Raman amplifiers.

Second, Raman amplifiers require a longer gain fiber. However, erbium doped fiber amplifier disadvantage can be mitigated by combining gain and the dispersion compensation in a single fiber.

Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) | Fiberlabs Inc

A third disadvantage of Raman amplifiers is a fast response time, which gives rise to new sources of noise, as further discussed below. Finally, there are concerns of nonlinear penalty in the amplifier for the WDM signal channels. The text of an earlier erbium doped fiber amplifier of this article was taken from the public domain Federal Standard C.


Optical parametric amplifier[ edit ] An optical parametric amplifier allows the amplification of a weak signal-impulse in a noncentrosymmetric nonlinear medium e. Beta barium borate BBO. In contrast to the previously mentioned amplifiers, which are mostly used in telecommunication environments, this type finds its main application in expanding the frequency erbium doped fiber amplifier of ultrafast solid-state lasers e.