Listening to Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus. September 22, by Ivan Ilić. Since his death in Morton Feldman has developed a cult-like following. Marc-André Hamelin (piano) none at all’, was Feldman’s cryptic comment on For Bunita Marcus. You are indeed, as Marc-André Hamelin writes, entering ‘an alternate reality’. In the 's, Morton Feldman composed two large-sized pieces for his favourite instrument, the piano. Both pieces, Triadic Memories and For Bunita.


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Listening to Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus — Music & Literature

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. April For bunita marcus how and when to remove this template message Bunita Marcus born May 5, in Madison, Wisconsinbegan studying composition at the age of sixteen and worked in both electronic and instrumental mediums while at the University of Wisconsin.

It is also a domain of extreme economy of means, both in its radically reduced dynamics and in its uncommon textural sparseness. The miraculous thing, though, is that there are so many dimensions within this seemingly limited material that it is entirely possible for the listener to understand the music in many different ways, and also to be affected by it in different ways.

A seventy-two-minute for bunita marcus of delicate, triple-piano textures with the damper pedal held constantly down is not something that any amount of exposure to traditional repertoire could ever prepare pianists for.

Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus

But as the piece unfolded I was carried through a conflicting host of impressions, for bunita marcus it became clearer and clearer to me that a single hearing of it could never reveal the myriad ways in which the work can be listened to and understood. It is one of the most startlingly original pieces of fiction ever written.

For bunita marcus narrator introduces us to a universe, actually The Universe, in the form of a library that stretches to presumably infinite dimensions; any of its tomes is one possible permutation of all the letters which can be contained within a page book, and the contents of any of these for bunita marcus could mean everything or nothing.

Form as we know it has virtually disappeared. But the many-sidedness of the piece can also cause us to perceive it in very opposite ways; its stasis could be felt as soothing as well as really terrifying—either as an oasis of purity or as the antithesis of infinity: As in Borges, the pitches and the sentences they form could be elements of any kind of language, and as such could potentially signify anything.

Bunita Marcus - Wikipedia

The details seem more distinct. I may be in an uncomfortable chair, or thirsty for bunita marcus to get up for a drink. But I want the spell to continue, and interruption seems unthinkable.

After fifteen or sixteen minutes, I feel completely secure. Feldman and I now have a pact.


Any change is introduced delicately. My sense of time disappears. But different pieces have different ways of unfolding.

Feldman: For Bunita Marcus CD review – immaculate care with colour and nuance

For bunita marcus himself would have been wary of these generalizations. In an interview, he said: The pacing is implacably consistent as well. There are few surprises, and only the changes of register provide variety.

What happens next amazes me every time I play for bunita marcus piece: Feldman winds things even tighter.

A tiny four-note rhythmic cell teeters, wobbles, and lurches over and over again [Track 2]. After five minutes of spinning in circles, the piece starts floating into new, freer territory [Track 3].

My favorite excerpt of the piece is the short, loving passage at Track 5 and the similar passage at Track 9. At the arrival of Track 6, Feldman proves his inventiveness yet again: Few composers can do so much for bunita marcus so little.