François Trahan photographie passionnément depuis On l'a vu passer de Val d'Or, à Beauharnois, Baie-Comeau, Cap de la Madeleine, Thetford Mines. View FREE Background Report & Reputation Score for Francois Trahan in Larchmont, NY - See Address, Phone, 4 Emails | Criminal & Court Records | 1. Contact information for Jean-Francois Trahan in Levis, Quebec (QC), G7A5A6 | Canadaca.


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No one can say for certain what our economic future will look like. What investors francois trahan do is prepare.

The Era of Uncertainty provides a new way of francois trahan about investing in a dynamic, macro-driven world, examining the importance of macroeconomic perspectives in a global economy rife with instability. Customer Reviews Francois trahan Investment Strategies for an Era of Economic Uncertainty "Over the years, Franois' insightful analyses of the business cycle has led to market calls that have both benefitted investors on the upside and more important to many protected them from losses on the downside.

Flickr: Jean-Francois Trahan's Photostream

Franois' incredible track record in successfully interpreting the trends that can be francois trahan in leading indicators and other macroeconomic data have francois trahan led to his well deserved reputation as an expert in sector rotation - providing investors on both the long and short side of the market opportunities to profit from his ideas.

In my opinion, his most important and influential macro prediction to date was his call in the middle of the last decade when he predicted that the worst housing crisis in American history would soon be upon us, and that it would have far-ranging implications for both the global economy and world financial markets.

His research has identified key drivers of stock market performance over decades in various cycles of inflation, credit growth, and economic developments.

In his new book, Franois tries to sort out and explain for market participants the dynamics that brought us to this point and what he sees as the future path of economic and market developments.


Maybe is the way to think about it. When leading francois trahan start topping out all of a sudden investors start to look for something a little different.

Francois Trahan - Find A Grave Memorial

And francois trahan when you look at the characteristics of the best performing stocks last year and the fourth quarter specifically you know it's the francois trahan beta companies the very cyclical companies that are leading the charge.

So energy industrials financial financials.

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And all of a sudden in January that started to change. And initially it was you know it wasn't very obvious it became very obvious later in the month when the market you know francois trahan of cratered. But what you see when leading indicators top out is that investors start to turn toward companies that have some sort of longer term story when they start francois trahan question what might happen to the economy.