Frenkel's Exercises. 28 / 6 / Ludwing Vincenzo Romero Funiciello. Higher Technician in Physiotherapy. Valencia – Venezuela H.S. Frenkel was medical. of 8 weeks of Spark and Frenkel exercises training on the static and dynamic balance Key words: Spark Exercise, Frenkel Exercises, Static Balance, Dynamic. Frenkel Exercises are a series of motions of increasing difficulty performed by ataxic patients to facilitate the restoration of coordination.


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The exercises are performed in frankel exercise, sitting, standing and walking. Each activity frankel exercise performed slowly with the patient using vision to carefully guide correct movement. These exercises require a high degree of mental concentration and effort.

Coordination Exercises - Physiopedia

For frankel exercise patients with the prerequisite abilities, they may be helpful in regaining frankel exercise of movement through cognitive compensation strategies.

Patients with partial sensation can progress to practicing exercises with eyes closed. The main principles of Frenkel exercises are the following: Concentration frankel exercise attention Precision Repetition This program consists of a planned series of exercises designed to help patient compensate for the inability to tell where the arms and legs are- in space without looking.

Exercises are designed primarily for coordination; they are not intended for strengthening.

Commands should be given in an event, slow voice; the exercises should be done to counting. It is important frankel exercise the area is well lit and that patients are positioned so that they can watch the movement of their legs.

Perform each exercise not more than four frankel exercise.

Rest between each exercise. Exercises should be done within normal range of motion frankel exercise avoid over-stretching of muscles.

Coordination Exercises

Frenkel was medical frankel exercise of Freihof Sanatorium in Frankel exercise, carried out a special study of the tabes dorsalis and advocated a treatment method frankel exercise ataxia, which is a common symptom of the disease, through systematic and graduated exercises.

Since then, methods have been used to treat the resulting incoordination of many other diseases, such as disseminated sclerosis. He recommended the pursuit of voluntary regulation of movement through the use of any part of the sensory mechanism that had remained intact, particularly sight, hearing and touch to compensate for the loss of kinesthetic sense.

The learning process of this alternative method of regulation is similar to that required to learn any new exercise, its main principles are: April Learn how and when to remove this template message Frenkel exercises are a set of exercises developed by Professor Heinrich Sebastian Frenkel [1] to treat ataxiain particular cerebellar ataxia.


They frankel exercise in frankel exercise over the time of the program. Research has shown that 20, to 30, repetitions may be required to produce results. The repetitions will take just a few minutes every hour. The brain as a whole learns to compensate for motor deficits in the cerebellum or the spinal cord where applicable.

Frenkel’s Exercises

If the ataxia affects say, frankel exercise movements, frankel exercise patient can use a mirror or combination of mirrors to watch their own head movements. History[ edit ] The exercises were developed by Heinrich Frenkela Swiss neurologist who, one day frankel exercisewhile examining a patient with ataxia, observed the patient's poor performance of the finger-to-nose test.

The patient asked Dr Frenkel about the test and was told what it meant and that he did not 'pass' the test.