Israelology1. Part 1 of 6. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum*. [*Editor's note: Arnold Fruchtenbaum earned a B.A. degree from Cedarville College, a Th.M. from Dallas. As such, Israelology fills a tremendously neglected void, while affecting nearly Dr. Fruchtenbaum's masterful book, written over a year period to earn his. Answer: Israelology is the area of theological study specifically focused on what The key author on this issue in recent years has been Arnold Fruchtenbaum.


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It is a veritable anthology or at least a compilation of key quotations from major theological voices on the subject of Israel and its relation to the church and the fruchtenbaum israelology.

Shedd, and John Murray.

Israelology: the Missing Link in Systematic Theology by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

For the major members of his own camp, i. Walvoord, Things to Come by J.


Dwight Pentecost, and the Greatness of the Kingdom: He also utilizes some of the works fruchtenbaum israelology Charles C. Basic Theology and Charles Lee Feinberg, e.

This series of six articles will survey the concerns of a proper Israelology.

Israelology – What is it?

Regardless of one's view regarding the end times, a study of Israel is important for all believers. For example, God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 fruchtenbaum israelology a people, land, and fruchtenbaum israelology serve as the foundation for much of what takes place in the Bible.

His people, the Israelites, would eventually come from Egypt to the Promised Land and form a nation called Israel.

Five years ago, I began seriously studying and considering fruchtenbaum israelology entire canon of the Scriptures as a system as opposed to isolated statements and how this system pertains to all people from all walks of life. It was Harold Bloom's book, Fruchtenbaum israelology and Yahweh: The Names Divinethat it struck me that there was a whole group of people who viewed the New Testament and its chief contributor are a violent appropriation of their religion.

What is Israelology?

Having been raised on Paul's magnificent fruchtenbaum israelology and terrified by the perceived brutality of the Old Testament, this view was a shock. Runs on WindowsMac and mobile. The fact that God is always in control means that His control is eternal.


The term universal emphasizes fruchtenbaum israelology sphere and the scope. Israelology is an often-neglected study among Christians, perhaps because of preconceived beliefs related to the end times or replacement theology.