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Optimization of the sterilizing doses and overflooding ratios for the South American fruit fly

All relevant data are within fruticultura general libro paper. Abstract The Sterile Insect Technique SIT is an autocidal control method that relies on inundative releases of sterilized mass-reared insects.

Choosing the optimum sterilizing dose and the sterile release density is an essential step of the SIT. Considering unsolved issues related to the application of this technique against Anastrepha fraterculus Wiedemannthis study aimed to define accurately the central target dose for both sexes of this species and to verify the induction of sterility in fruticultura general libro flies at different sterile: The results from the regression analyses proved that the sterilization process for the A.

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The ovarian development in irradiated females was characterized, demonstrating fruticultura general libro doses equal to or higher than 25 Gy cause complete and irreversible ovarian atrophy. The laboratory and field cage tests showed that the sterility fruticultura general libro increased with the proportion of sterile flies, and a sterile: The sterile females apparently did not distract the sterile males, despite of the slightly higher reductions in pupal yield for all ratios in their absence.

The data generated in this study have a great practical value and will help decision-makers in planning field trials to evaluate the efficacy of the SIT against A. Introduction The Sterile Insect Technique SIT is an autocidal control technology that relies on inundative releases of sterilized mass-reared insects [ 1 ].

This technology has been integrated in many area-wide integrated pest management AW-IPM programmes against a number of fruit fly species. The main goal of this center is to suppress the wild populations of the South American Fruit Fly, Anastrepha fraterculus Wiedemannfrom temperate fruit production areas of southern Brazil through the application fruticultura general libro sterile insects and parasitoids [ 5 ].

Before scaling up the rearing colonies and the release of sterile A. Ionizing radiations, such as gamma or X-rays, have been used to induce sterility in mass-reared insects worldwide [ 6 ].

The fruticultura general libro of the sterilizing dose is extremely important to SIT programmes. Research is essential to clarify the relationship between dose and the level of sterility in the fruticultura general libro flies.

Dose-response curves for sterility can be developed by irradiating flies with increasing doses, mating them separately with nonirradiated flies, and calculating egg hatch [ 7 ].

At too-low doses, the flies are not sufficiently sterile and cannot be released in the field, as the accidental release of under-dosed females could compromise the effectiveness of the technique and even damage crops.

Optimization of the sterilizing doses and overflooding ratios for the South American fruit fly

Based on the results from radiation studies, the managers of SIT programmes can specify the optimum dose that balances sterility with insect vigour. The sterilization of A. The egg hatch data from the 1st fruticultura general libro were analyzed by a homogeneity chi-square test, while egg viability from the 2nd experiment was evaluated with a non-parametric Kruskall-Wallis analysis.

Neither were regression analyses performed nor dosimetry and quality control parameters reported in the study. Their results indicated that pupal age at irradiation did not affect male sterility fruticultura general libro the authors concluded that full sterility in both sexes could be achieved only with a dose of 70 Gy.


The standard quality control parameters [ 13 ] and mating indices were not affected by the two types of radiation. The estimated SD99 values i.

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This difference in the sterilizing doses between sexes was unusual, because female insects are generally more radiosensitive than males [ 6 ]. According to the authors, the fewer doses applied to fit the regression curves for irradiated fruticultura general libro might have increased fruticultura general libro errors at high doses, which led to the overestimation of SD90 and SD99values.


As genetic sexing strains GSS for A. A minimum dose that all pupae must receive has to be fruticultura general libro to ensure sufficient sterility in both male and female flies, without reducing the competitiveness of the males.

Preliminary release-recapture trials performed at Vacaria in with flies irradiated with 70—80 Gy revealed that they had a very poor dispersal ability in forested areas surrounding apple fruticultura general libro Mastrangelo, unpublished data.

Therefore, in view of the different sterilizing doses obtained by the previous studies, an optimum dose should be defined more accurately for A.