Nichtbeachtung der in der Gebrauchsanweisung genannten Anweisungen besteht Funkenschlag vermeiden, keine elektrischen sowie Beleuchtungsgeräte. Review-Fazit zu „Funkenschlag – Das Kartenspiel“, der Kartenversion des Anleitung: deutsch Material: sprachneutral [Download: Anleitung] dt. so, wie in dieser Gebrauchsanleitung beschrie- ben. Jede andere sätzlich zu den in dieser Anleitung genannten. Vorschriften .. Funkenschlag! Dies kann die.


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Please pay attention to these symbols! Read the Operating Instructions!

This symbol marks advice which is helpful when using the tool. Always wear personal protective clothing and safety equipment!

Funkenschlag anleitung pdf files

Components can be recycled. The reduction of the pollution as well as the protection of the funkenschlag anleitung are the central points of our activities.


HAZET - environmental protection is of fundamental importance for us. Additionally, the different chapters contain security advice that funkenschlag anleitung marked with symbols in order to avert immediate danger.

Furthermore, all stickers and labels on funkenschlag anleitung tool must be observed and must be kept legible. Nevertheless, the tool can present a danger when it is not used as intended or in an inappropriate way by non-qualified personnel.

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Please make sure that any person using this tool or carrying out funkenschlag anleitung work carefully reads these operating instructions and fully understands all information given, before using the tool.

Replace all damaged labels or stickers. Appropriate Use Operational reliability can only be ensured, if the tool is used as intended and in compliance with the indications given in the operating instructions. In addition to the safety advice given in these operating instructions, the general safety regulations, regulations for the prevention of accidents and regulations for environmental protection being valid for the application area of this tool have to be observed funkenschlag anleitung respected.

Always ensure tools are used, inspected and maintained in compliance with the respective local, state, national or federal regulations.


Once the maximum torque is reached, it is not allowed to pull the screw connexion tight manually with the air ratchet. Storage The tool has be stored according to the following funkenschlag anleitung Do not use the air tool if its functional efficiency cannot be ensured funkenschlag anleitung if damage is detected.

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If the tool is used, when it is not in full working order, you risk severe injuries to persons and damage funkenschlag anleitung property. Defective tools may cause severe injury. In order to guarantee long term operational safety, only original spare parts of the manufacturer must be used.

Any modification of the tool will result in immediate exlcusion from funkenschlag anleitung and liability. Pneumatic tools can raise chips, dust and other abraded particles at high speed what may result in severe eye injuries.

Compressed air is dangerous.

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The air flow may cause harm to sensitive parts of the body like eyes, ears, etc. Dust and objects being raised by the air flow may cause injuries. Long exhibition to the working noise of pneumatic tools may result in a permanent hearing loss. Breathing in the steam of funkenschlag anleitung materials like adhesives and tar that contain dangerous chemicals can cause serious harms to the lungs and respiratory tracts.

funkenschlag anleitung


Tools with rotary parts can get caught in the hair, clothing, jewellery or other loose objects what may result in severe funkenschlag anleitung. During the work, take off funkenschlag anleitung, watches, identification tags, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Never touch the moving parts of a tool.

Long funkenschlag anleitung should be covered or tied together. Unattended tools or tools that are funkenschlag anleitung to the compressed air supply may be used by non-authorized persons and could injure them or other persons. Low-quality, unsuitable or defective tools like sockets etc.

Only use sockets that are approved for the speed of the tool.