IMPIANTI CHIMICI E BIOCHIMICI - MODULO 2. Academic year, / Syllabus of previous years. Course code, CM (AF AR). Modality. Over Srl in Medolago, Bergamo, bases its activities on the construction of chemical plants for industrial productions that treat materials or chemicals. Title: Impianti Chimici (Chemical Plants). Type: Mandatory course. Duty: 72h. Exams guidelines. The final Exam of Chemical Plants is oral only and generally.


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Sandpiper Impianti Chimici e Industriali | SANDPIPER Pump

The production mainly involves adsorption, absorption, distillation and filtration plants. Final destination of the plants manufactured by OMNIATEX are mechanical shops, synthetic leather production, rotogravure printing of magazines, printing of flexible packaging for foodstuffs, production of special papers, rubber belts and conveyors, adhesives films and tapes, automotive parts and distilleries for drinking spirit.

The very long experience in the field, has permitted OMNIATEX to appreciate the technological innovations presented by the Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator, an ideal tool in special applications and surely of great advantage, for impianti chimici global savings in the investment, if compared with a traditional fumes scrubbing plant.

In acknowledgment of its peculiarity Omniatex has acquired an exclusive manufacturing construction license for Italywith the possibility of European distribution. Long lasting field tests, before commercialization, have given very good results.

They are employed for the abatement of the carbon particles, grease and unburnt matter entrained with the exhausted fumes, with very good results, as certified by test carried out by agreed Laboratory under the local Authority supervision. Even there tests have been carried out by an agreed Laboratory under the local Impianti chimici supervision The Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator is equipment apt to face and resolve any problem related to an atmospheric emission with very high efficiency due to the technical innovation of high pressure forced mixing between gas to be scrubbed and the washing employed liquid.

Impianti Chimici » SuPER Team

This particular technical manufacturing mod, covered by several international Patents, allows the abatement of both solids and vapors container in the stream exhausted into the atmosphere.

The Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator compared with different types of abatement plants shows a better efficiency due to the fact that is the only one plant with a suction power that is join an high centrifugal force with the high pressure mixing of the gas to be cleaned and the liquid used to wash.

This special process and the final manufacturing solution impianti chimici giving good results with an energetic consumption of ab. The small dimensions of the Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator are permitting its installation even on a wall, obtaining to face and solve emission problems never or not easily solved with other traditional abatement plants, plants that, at same volume capacity, have much larger dimensions.

The impianti chimici installation of more Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitators lets to impianti chimici any air stream or to treat new needs of treatment without that the initial investment becomes obsolete or not adequate and this possibility gives a very great saving on the planned investments.

Another savings possibility is possible to foresee on the Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator an energy recovery system, recovering the heat contained in the incoming emission stream.


The Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator Pizzy is mainly composed by a centrifugal fan with a special, patented, multi Venturi rotor, contained in a suitable case. In the side picture are shown the special patented impianti chimici used to suck the air flow impianti chimici be treated.

By means of this impeller the air flow is draft inside the Precipitator, where the air is force to enter in very strict contact with the washing liquid, counter flow jettisoned with special sprayers, in a way to cover completely the incoming air flow.

The main feature of the Omniatex-Centricap Hydrodynamic Precipitator Pizzy is the absolute lower investment and operational cost between all commercialized abatement plants.

Its small size, the low energy consumption, the great specific air treatment capacity and the unrequired expensive civil works, let this small plant to be used for any industrial or civil application with costs unbeaten by other abatement plants. The operating principle is based on the application of a multi Venturi centrifugation with the application of mechanical principles of liquid mixing.

Usual application of the Pizzy abating system is the typical emission of baking plants using wood as firing combustible, particularly ovens of shops dedicated to the manufacturing, baking and packaging of pizza or other impianti chimici foods. Patented rotor-impeller Internal mixing between air and liquid Every oven has impianti chimici own compulsory stack or chimney that exhausts the impianti chimici fumes at a high level.

This emission is formed by air, combustion gas and mist, entraining carbon particles, unburnt material and, often, fat.

Both carbon particles and unburnt material represent the fall-out that gives impianti chimici environmental pollution, a problem for the intolerant neighborhood, that can be seen in the gray walls and in the gray drying laundry that are around the chimney.

The fats emitted are forming inside the chimney subsequent layers of grease that are a real fire danger, not so dangerous for the surrounding environment, but very impianti chimici for the effects resulting from the chimney fire.

Sandpiper Impianti Chimici e Industriali

The Pizzy Precipitator represents, in this bad case, a very valid fire extinguishing barrier. When the air flow enters the Pizzy Precipitator, we have the preliminary impianti chimici of all entrained particles and impianti chimici full saturation of the sucked air stream.


After this impianti chimici the air flow is accelerated centrifugally impianti chimici the external side of the rotor, where is split evenly, aiding the breaking of the bond between pollutant and gaseous flow, going trough the multi perforated walls of the rotor.

Passing trough the impianti chimici perforated walls of the rotor, multi perforation following a Venturi profile, the mixture gas — liquid undergoes the maximum pressure, obtained also by means of a second counter current high pressure washing as indicated in plate 3.


In this last phase we have: Abatement and transport of all solid particles, collected by affinity and density. Forced condensation of mists and vapors. Neutralization and solubilization of impianti chimici gaseous stream. The separation between gas impianti chimici liquid or gas and solids is due to the expansion to which the air flow is submitted: The plant is particularly advisable for: Abatement of particles, gases, vapors, fumes both impianti chimici or in mixture Small dimensions, due to the low contact time required by the process Suction and discharge power enabling the overcoming any head loss We point out again that the Pizzy Precipitator is a valid fire extinguishing barrier in case of fire in the incoming duct.