Scopri Imprimatur di Rita Monaldi, Francesco Sorti: spedizione gratuita per i clienti Prime e per ordini a partire da 29€ spediti da Amazon. Imprimatur – Rita. Monaldi en PDF | Libros. Gratis - vEBt [large]Veritas. Monaldi[/large]. ISBN: |. ROCABOLSILLO, |. voto un po' stretto in verità. Il racconto è molto dotto e accurato. Paga lo scotto del can can (piccolo) che ne ha fatto un libro semi-maledetto. Nel libro non c'è.


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Imprimatur - il libro dannato | Forum di Investireoggi

I had to work hard to make my way through the first few chapters and imprimatur libro used to the dense, rich rhetoric, crammed to overfull with historical details, names, tangents etc.

And I admit, at times I just had to tell myself to keep reading without worrying too much about taking in all the information being thrown at me, otherwise I would have lost sight of the story and given up.

Imprimatur libro said, this is a book definitely worth the effort. It takes you on a journey through a long lost historical landscape, weaving politics, philosophy, music, medicine, espionage and the plague. You find imprimatur libro drawn in and enriched by the experience.

I thoroughly recommend this book, especially for people who like complex sentences as much as they like complex ideas.

Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi | LibraryThing

DGRampton Jul 18, This novel has been constructed in a fashion suitable for presenting circumstantial evidence that undermines the generally accepted understanding of the political history of late seventeenth century Europe, and in particular it implicates a highly imprimatur libro Pontiff in financial transactions that would not only call into question his credentials as a pastoral leader, but also his commitment to imprimatur libro Catholic Church.

It's typical behavior, learned over long centuries, and is, unfortunately, very efficient.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller, and can't wait to dive into the authors' sequels: I discovered imprimatur libro read it last month. I wouldn't go so far as calling it a page-turner but imprimatur libro was an interesting book to read. The fact that the authors did a lot of reasearch before publishing this novel was obvious but they could have done a better job presenting their finds.

Long story short, it is an imprimatur libro read but it lacks dept.


By that I mean it is not a great work of literature. It is not something that will be imprimatur libro at the Universities.

In other words, it's no Umberto Eco. The characters are a bit stereotyped and predictable.

Imprimatur (Atto Melani, #1) by Rita Monaldi

The plot is good but some things are repeated ad nauseum. For the Imprimatur libro Church, Innocent has always been one of imprimatur libro great popes, for his commitment to cleaning up the Church in Europe but, in particular, for throwing enough money and political energy into the defence of Vienna to repel the Turkish siege of and save Europe from the scourge of Islam.

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The idea that this saintly figure was somehow involved in the triumph of King Billy and the crushing of papism in Britain, would be ridiculous and offensive if it were not — as Monaldi and Sorti insist, producing stacks of ancient volumes, some imprimatur libro of ciphers, to prove their case — nothing but the naked truth.

That is not an oversight on the part of the Italian book trade. Monaldi and Sorti have been blackballed by Italian publishing and journalism, apparently on the informal but irresistible orders of the Catholic Church.

Stated that baldly, it seems improbable. The Church has imprimatur libro ruled beyond the Vatican walls since Italy is a mature democracy.

Pope Innocent XI lived from to