College Algebra, 1st Edition by Julie Miller Preview the textbook, purchase or get a FREE instructor-only desk copy. College Algebra by Julie Miller starting at $ College Algebra has 3 available editions to buy at Alibris. College Algebra Essentials. Formats: Print. Julie Miller. Published: January 4th ISBN: $ More Details.


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With increasing demands on faculty schedules, these ready-made lessons offer a convenient means for both full-time and adjunct faculty to provide a note-taking structure for their students in order to enforce study skills as well as allow students to spend less time writing and more time listening to the lecture.

The julie miller college algebra in the IRM is available in both pdf and Julie miller college algebra format so that instructors can also customize the material to suit their individual needs.

julie miller college algebra The idea is to keep students active and engaged during the presentation of material and to foster accountability and classroom participation.

These activities promote active learning in the classroom by using a powerful online resource. The activities help students not only to solve problems but to explain their solutions for better mathematical mastery. Group Activities are great for instructors and adjuncts, bringing a more interactive julie miller college algebra to teaching mathematics.

Estimated time and suggested group sizes are provided in the directions of the activity. The steps shown in the solutions match the style and methodology of solved examples in the textbook.

Among the supplements is a computer- ized test bank utilizing Brownstone Diploma algorithm-based testing software to create customized exams quickly.


This user-friendly program enables instructors to search for questions by topic, format, or difficulty level; to edit existing questions, or to add new ones; and to scramble questions and answer keys for multiple versions of a single test. Hundreds of text-specific, open-ended, julie miller college algebra multiple-choice questions are included in the question bank.

College Algebra by Julie Miller

Sample chapter tests are also provided. CDs are available upon request.

Powerpoints present key concepts and definitions with julie miller college algebra editable slides that fol- low the textbook. An instructor may project the slides in class or post to a website in an online course. Detailed Chapter Summaries are available at www.

Solving Equations and Inequalities Section 3. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Section 4. Analyzing Functions Section 4. Systems of Equations and Inequalities Section 5.

College Algebra by Julie Miller (2013, Hardcover)

Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables Section 5. Matrices and Determinants and Applications Section 6. Analytic Geometry Section 7. Sequences, Series, Induction, and Probability Section 8.

College Algebra 1e

Comparing Arithmetic and geometric Sequences and Series Section 8. Proof of the Binomial Theorem New to this Edition Clear, Precise Writing Because a diverse group of students take this course, Julie Julie miller college algebra has written this manuscript to use simple and accessible language.

Through her friendly and engaging writing style, julie miller college algebra are able to understand the material easily.

Modeling and Applications This textbook is filled with robust applications and numerous opportunities for mathematical modeling to motivate students and make mathematics more meaningful to them.

Problem Recognition Exercises Problem Recognition Exercises appear in strategic locations in each chapter of the text. These exercises help students compare and contrast a variety of problem types and determine which mathematical tool to apply to a given problem.

Digital Media assets were created exclusively by the author team to ensure that the julie miller college algebra voice is present and consistent throughout the supplements. The author, Donna Gerken, ensures that each algorithm in the online homework has a stepped-out solution unique to the Miller style.

The authors created a library of activities in the Student Resource Manual that include group activities, Wolfram Alpha activities, and Excel activities. Julie Miller created video content lecture videos, exercise videos, and graphing calculator videos to give students access to classroom-type instruction by the author.