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The hero of this story, Conn, is a first class jerk who is completely incapable of looking at things from anyone else's perspective. He's also psychotically violent.

It's never explained just why Honor had to do this herself w This is another legacy jayne ann krentz from Krentz's early career and it reflects the insane notions people held back then of what constituted romance.

It's never explained just why Honor had to do this herself when it's legacy jayne ann krentz sister's debt. Even though Honor is lending her the money, the sister should be the one making the payment, but whatever.

Conn sees Honor following this bad guy and makes a very cold and calculated decision to waylay her, not to keep her safe, but to forcibly put her in his debt. See, unbeknownst to Honor, Conn has been literally stalking her for the last month.


Their fathers were business partners over a decade ago and they allegedly killed each other in a quarrel over some illegal gun-running. Conn has long believed that his father was innocent of legacy jayne ann krentz smuggling and it was Honor's father who was behind it and then killed Conn's father when he found out.

Now, more than ten years later, Conn's hatched a legacy jayne ann krentz to exact revenge on Honor and her family in some vague and undefined way through specifically targeting her. He's laid plans and, in his words, spun a web around Honor that will guarantee she falls into his trap. When he stops her from following this loan shark he does so by grabbing her arm legacy jayne ann krentz dragging her into the stables at a race track.

Legacy (Unabridged)

He then deliberately speaks in cryptic half-truths for a while before finally telling her that the loan shark was about to walk into a police sting operation and if Honor had been with him at the time, it would have gone badly for her.

Conn then proceeds to inform her that she now "owes" him a seemingly unpayable debt for "saving" her. He also goes behind her back and pays the loan shark the money Legacy jayne ann krentz sister owed and again insists that Honor now "owes" him another debt.


Even though she had the money ready to pay the loan shark and didn't need him to swoop in and do any saving.

She gives Conn the money she'd intended legacy jayne ann krentz pay the loan shark so that should have squared things but no, not to Conn.


He's legacy jayne ann krentz on his own set of twisted logic in which Honor will be indebted to him for the rest of her life As he tells us in his ice-cold inner monologue, this is all part of his plan. He wants to be "in control" of their relationship because he's spinning this web around her.

FictFact - Dark Legacy series by Jayne Ann Krentz

He never seems to have much of a plan for what he's going to do once he has her trapped but it's very important to him that he dominate the relationship and she not have any power at all. To that end, he deliberately withholds his true identity from her and initiates phase 2 of his plan; seduction.

Conn more or less bullies Honor into accepting a dinner date with him and when they come back to her apartment they come very close to having sex but when she protests that they barely know each legacy jayne ann krentz, he legacy jayne ann krentz stops and leaves.

The next day he demands that she have dinner with him again that night but she's nervous about the way he's acting, all possessive and domineering, so she tells him she has other plans.

Legacy by Jayne Ann Krentz - FictionDB

Legacy jayne ann krentz jealousy circuits are immediately tripped and he starts demanding to know who she's going out with, is it another man?

Because he won't stand for that! He even spends 2 hours camped out on her doorstep waiting to see who brings her home and if it had been a man, there would most likely have been violence. Instead, Honor runs directly into his arms because she's being followed by a sinister-looking pickup truck.

Conn is elated that legacy jayne ann krentz got to "play the hero" even though he didn't actually do anything and had been behaving like an obsessed stalker all night. And he takes full advantage of Honor's emotional upheaval to get her into bed.