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Look Magazine, December 26, 1967 - Dean Martin

Wide variations between individuals will make competition as we look magazine 1967 pdfs know it irrelevant and, indeed, impossible.

Unstandardized life will not provide the narrow measures needed for tight look magazine 1967 pdfs, and schools will find it not only unnecessary but nearly impossible to give ordinary tests or grades. Motivation will come from accomplishment itself; no one has to be forced to play.

Form and discipline will spring from the very nature of the matter being explored, just as it does in artistic creation.

If the student of the future may be compared with the child at play, he also resembles the artist at work. The little red schoolhouse will become the little round schoolhouse.

National Geographic Magazine Archive

A strange dilemma seems to arise: It appears that, with the new modes of learning, all the stuff of present-day education can be mastered much more quickly and easily than ever before. Right now, good programmed instruction is cutting the time for learning certain basic material by one-half or one-third.

What will students look magazine 1967 pdfs with all the time that is look magazine 1967 pdfs to be gained? The problem is not a real one.

With students constantly researching and exploring, each discovery will on up a new area for study. There is no limit on learning.

We are only beginning to realize what a tiny slice of human possibilities we now educate. In fragmenting all of existence, Western civilization hit upon one aspect, the literate and rational, to develop at the expense of the rest. Along with this went a lopsided development of one of the senses, the visual.

Such personal and sensory specialization was useful in a mechanical age, but is fast becoming outmoded. Education will be more concerned with training the senses and perceptions than with stuffing brains. Already, school experimenters are teaching written look magazine 1967 pdfs with tape recorders just as students play with these marvelous devices in an attempt look magazine 1967 pdfs retrain the auditory sense, to recapture the neglected rhythms of speech.

Look Magazine, December 26, - Dean Martin

look magazine 1967 pdfs Future schooling may well move into many unexplored domains of human existence. People will learn much in that today does not even have a commonly accepted name. Can we view this future, the hard and look magazine 1967 pdfs of it? Never, for it will always come around a corner we never noticed, take us by surprise.

But studying the future helps us toward understanding the present. And the present offers us glimpses, just glimpses: In all of this, the school —that is, an institution of learning confined to a building or buildings— can continue to hold a central position only if it changes fast enough to keep pace with the seemingly inevitable changes in the outside world.

The school experience can well become so rich and compelling that there will be no dropouts, only determined drop-ins.

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Even so, the walls between school and world will continue to blur. Close to look magazine 1967 pdfs million people in the U. Industry and the military, as well as the arts and look magazine 1967 pdfs, are beginning to consider education their main business.

The university is fast becoming not an isolated bastion but an integral part of the community. Eventually, nearly every member of a community may be drawn into its affairs.


Already, though not many journalists or college presidents realize it, the biggest news of our times is coming from research in the institutions of higher learning —new scientific discoveries, new look magazine 1967 pdfs of putting together the webs of past and current history, new means for apprehending and enjoying the stuff of sensory input, of look magazine 1967 pdfs relations, of involvement with all of life.

The world communications net, the all-involving linkage of electric circuitry, will grow and become more sensitive. It will also develop new modes of feedback so that communication can become dialogue instead of monologue.