Children's book royal and all-around sage Maurice Sendak would have been 86 on Tuesday. The writer and illustrator, best known for the legendary Maurice Sendak, the legendary author and illustrator, passed away on Tuesday at While he was the author and/or illustrator of more than. Today, as Google has already noted, would have been Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday. When he died, we compiled a list of our favorite spiky.


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I'm here to take note of.

Maurice Sendak Quotes

And that is beyond my ego, beyond anything that maurice sendak quotes to me, an observer, an observer. On love "It's like I'm a receptacle, a repository for all the people I love.


All I can do with them is keep them. On children " Children are tough, though we tend to think of them as fragile.


They have to be tough. Childhood is not easy. We sentimentalize children, but they know what's real and what's not. They understand metaphor and symbol. If children are different from us, they maurice sendak quotes more spontaneous. Grown-up lives have become overlaid with dross.

Maurice Sendak Quotes: Quotations From The Legendary 'Where The Wild Things Are' Author | HuffPost

Nobody's gonna make a statue in the park with a lot of scrambling kids climbing up me. I won't have it, okay? On aging "One of the few graces of getting old — and God knows there are few graces — is that if you've worked hard and kept your nose to maurice sendak quotes grindstone, something happens: The body gets old but the creative mechanism is refreshed, smoothed and maurice sendak quotes and honed.

That is the grace.

That is the splendid grace. On bullshit " I refuse to lie to children. I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence. On fantasy " It is maurice sendak quotes fantasy that children achieve catharsis. It is the best means they have for taming Wild Things.

14 Enlightening Maurice Sendak Quotes to Live By

On possessions " There must be more to life than having everything. On books and ebooks "I hate them. What is maurice sendak quotes point of it all? We're not so far away from the gorillas and the apes, those beautiful creatures.

Maurice Sendak Quotes: A Celebration For What Would Have Been His 85th Birthday

We're supposed to go to work every day. We're supposed to be nice to our friends and send Christmas cards to our parents. We're supposed to do all these things which trouble us deeply because it's so against maurice sendak quotes we naturally would want to do.

And if I've done anything, I've had kids express themselves as they are, impolitely, lovingly — they don't mean any harm. They just don't know what the right way is.

And as it turns out sometimes the so-called "right way" is utterly the wrong way.