Mobile learning (m-learning) is flexible education via the Internet or network using personal mobile devices allowing students access to education anywhere. The terms "M-Learning" and "Mobile Learning" are usually used to refer to teaching and learning with mobile technologies. The "mobile" in "mobile learning" has. UNESCO's mobile learning programme examines the ways connected, easily portable and increasingly affordable information and communication technology.


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Let's take a look at mobile learning in education and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile education. M-learning in education More and more schools are mobile learning adalah laptops or tablets. Children consider it to be a fun.

Mobile learning

There are increasingly more educational apps available for teachers. Examples of mobile learning in education: Offering mobile learning material This is the most easy way of mobile learning.

You can offer mobile learning adalah, videos or audios. Participants are able to prepare homework by watching a video that the teacher has put online.

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This way of mobile learning is relatively less interactive. E-learning E-learning has, in many ways, revolutionized learning, and with training and development programs incorporating technology into their programs, mobile learning has become a focal point. This is most helpful in university mobile learning adalah, manufacturing companies that mobile learning adalah anytime access from anywhere, and large corporations that need out outline procedures and instructions that can be accessible from many members of the company.

A Millennial-Dominated Workforce Mobile learning appeals to the millennial workforce and future workers who will also be raised on technology. With this generation and those that follow being raised with instant-access to information, the ability to pick up any device and get answers in seconds will be key.

Social platforms like Twitter, Vine RIPand YouTube have vastly changed how individuals get their information and seek out learning and entertainment.

Mobile learning - Learning and Teaching - The University of Sydney

Responsive design goes hand-in-hand with mobile learning, and will only become more important as learning mobile learning adalah continue to shift toward mobile learning. In the past decade, mobile technology has reached the furthest corners of the planet, opening new opportunities for teaching and learning, including in communities where traditional educational services are scarce.

UNESCO works to help governments understand and harness the power of this technology to make learning more inclusive, more mobile learning adalah and more equitable across life. It puts forward policy recommendations and shares best practices, drawing on the careful analysis of mobile learning initiatives implemented around the world.

UNESCO also leads by example, launching field projects to test the viability of using technology to expand literacy, support teachers, empower women and girls, and enlarge learning pathways for refugees and other marginalized populations.

Developing workforce skills and readiness among youth and young adults. The application offers short educational sequences, showing how to write common names and words and conveying mathematical and scientific concepts. Sometimes featuring television personalities, the teaching sketches are intended for viewing on small telephone screens.

The films are sold for a few cents in the telecoms boutiques and can then be exchanged by Bluetooth.


The Rehan School estimates that over 40, individuals follow its lessons, but the real number is certainly higher. In Sub-Saharan Africa, teachers and students are faced with an extreme shortage of teaching materials.


The number of textbooks available are limited, so few students have individual access to textbooks in mobile learning adalah or at home. Given the shortage of textbooks in many African schools, tablets and mobile phones are being viewed by governments and international organizations as a solution to provide access to learning materials.

In one example, the Tangerine mobile assessment and coaching system, deployed in Kenya, aims to help teachers in their assessment activities. With Tangerine, a student's reading level can be evaluated mobile learning adalah recording the student's answers on a mobile phone or a tablet.

The data gathered by the application also allows comparisons of the learning levels of students according to their age, geographical area and gender.