Summary. Join Simone Bignall, Timothy Laurie and Louise Richardson-Self to honour the scholarly contributions of one of Australia's most important feminist. Limited; ISBN: Best Condition. N/A. Out of Stock. Feminist Ethics (The International Research Library of Philosophy, 22). Moira Gatens. from: N/A. Gender and institutions: welfare, work and citizenship /​ edited by Moira Gatens and Alison Mackinnon. Also Titled. Designing women: welfare work and.


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She then examines attempts by Harriet Taylor and J.

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Mill to extend liberal principles to moira gatens situation. Gatens concludes with moira gatens discussion of current debates in the politics of sexual difference Gender and institutions: What is the scope, it asks, in contemporary Australian society, for ensuring that institutions acknowledge gender difference and deliver more equitable outcomes?

Moira Gatens, Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference and Equality - PhilPapers

This feminist perspective on institutional design shows how gendered regulatory norms underpin and intersect with all other institutional settings Feminist interpretations of Benedict Spinoza Book 9 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide "A collection of essays on the metaphysical, political, theological, ethical and psychological writings of Spinoza.

Examines the ways in which his moira gatens presents a resource for the re-conceptualization of friendship, sexuality, politics and ethics in contemporary life"--Provided by publisher Australian feminism: At the same time, he was well aware of the compelling power that religious and political fictions can have on the formation of our beliefs.

His complex account of the imagination and fiction, and their disabling or enabling roles in moira gatens knowledge of Nature, is a site of disagreement among commentators.


This process of definition occurs in far more subtle ways when the central concepts of philosophy—reason moira gatens justice, those characteristics that are taken to define us as human—are associated with traits historically moira gatens with masculinity. Feminist philosophers have begun to look critically at the canonized texts of philosophy moira gatens have concluded that the discourses of philosophy are not gender-neutral.

Philosophical narratives do not offer a universal perspective, but rather privilege some experiences and beliefs over others.


moira gatens These experiences and beliefs permeate all philosophical theories whether they be aesthetic or epistemological, moral or metaphysical. Yet this fact has often been neglected by those studying the traditions of philosophy.

Given the history of canon formation in Western philosophy, the perspective most likely to be privileged is that of upper-class white males. This new series, Re-reading moira gatens Canon, is designed to foster this process of reevaluation.

Moira Gatens - Wikipedia

moira gatens Each volume will offer feminist analyses of the theories of a selected philosopher. Since feminist philosophy is moira gatens monolithic in method or content, the essays are also selected to illustrate the variety of perspectives within feminist criticism and highlight some of the controversies within feminist scholarship.

In this series, feminist lenses will be focused moira gatens the canonical texts of Western philosophy, both those authors who have been part of the traditional canon, and those philosophers whose writings have more recently gained attention within the philosophical community.