The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is a national organization established by an act of Parliament in the form of partnership between His Majesty`s Government and. The latest Tweets from Nepal Tourism Board (@nepaltourismb). National Tourism Organization of Nepal. Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal Tourism Board, also popularly known as NTB in short, is a government authorized board for tourism activities in Nepal. It is a board established by the.


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NTB ensures that they listen to the suggestions and opinions of their partners and stakeholders in formulating various plans and strategies.

Nepal Tourism Board, NTB | Tourism Board of Nepal

They often initiate various campaign when the communities and agencies come with the request for help. Similarly, NTB strongly believes in working to achieve common goals with the organizations sharing nepal tourism board values and vision with the board.


The principle of Inclusivity is applied by the board nepal tourism board making a participative environment in the decision-making process to all the concerned parties.

The Board is playing a vital role in enhancing tourism industry in the country along with the overall development of the country.

Nepal Tourism Board

Nepal is well-known for being the best destination for trekking for adventurous lovers. There is high potentiality for tourism development nepal tourism board Nepal is rich in biodiversity abound with unique natural beauty under the shadow of Himalayas. Not only in natural aspect but this nepal tourism board land is rich in traditions, ancient preserved cultural heritages, varieties of languages and religions with people belonging to multi-ethnicity leading the country to be one of the best tourist destination.

That is why NTB is playing a crucial role in preserving and promoting such potentialities for the betterment of the country. It is a board established by the government which keeps the entire necessary directory regarding tourism in Nepal.

Nepal Tourism Board | I am Kathmandu

Nepal Tourism Board looks after the entire tourism activities in Nepal as it provides the nepal tourism board tourists with all the information required during their stay in Nepal regarding the trekking routes and other things.

NTB also provides the prospective tourists with the trekking permit required for trekking in many of the itineraries in Nepal.

Nepal Tourism Board is governed by a group of selected individuals who have years of experience in the field of tourism and they are inducted into the board by the government itself. With the directions from the Ministry, the Nepal Tourism Board steers the nepal tourism board activities in the country.

There are several Trekking Company in Nepal which operate mostly through the Capital city of Kathmandu.

Nepal Tourism Board - NTB | Tourism Board of Nepal - Core Treks

All the trekking companies which operate in the country have to be authorized by the Nepal Tourism Board before they start providing services nepal tourism board the nepal tourism board. Several itineraries which come under the Everest Trekking like the Everest Base Camp Trekking, Everest Panorama Trekking or the Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking are some of the popular sub itineraries in the region of Everest which continues to draw global attention from the international tourists who visit this wonderful country.

Similarly, Annapurna region is another popular region in the western Nepal which is popular in the entire world because of its natural beauty of the Himalayas and the Mountains and also because of some of the wonderful trekking itineraries in the region.

The Board is working toward repositioning the image of nepal tourism board country so as to market and promote Nepal aggressively and extensively both domestically and internationally.

This is crucial as Nepal, though small in size, has immense cultural and natural diversity nepal tourism board is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Nepal, where guests are treated as Gods and the variety of exciting adventure activities combined with culture that epitomizes peace and harmony, make a visit to Nepal a memorable experience.