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Tell the people in your life not just that net neutrality is important to you, but why. Grassroots organizing neutralidad de la red make a difference, and you're an important part of that.

You can read more below about why we at the Free Software Foundation care about net neutrality. Why does net neutrality matter?

DRM thrives without net neutrality Media distribution giants neutralidad de la red use Digital Restrictions Management and proprietary software to control what's on your computer have also been fighting for years to control the network. Without net neutrality, DRM-laden materials could be easier to access, while DRM-free competitors could be stuck in the slow lane.

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Web-based free software projects like GNU MediaGoblin could also suffer the slow treatment while competitors like YouTube shell out big bucks for speedier service. That's not good for free software, and it's not good for other innovative voices for change in neutralidad de la red digital world.

While not all hope is lost, since member organizations still have time left to appeal the decision—this is an example of why net neutrality is so important.

Neutral red - Wikipedia

DRM is finding more footholds for itself on the Web, and we need to reinforce the protections we have against it. Net neutrality and free software Free software can't survive without net neutrality. When the free neutralidad de la red movement started decades ago, the primary means of sharing software was via physical media.

While selling or lending neutralidad de la red or disks helped build the fledgling movement, today we all expect to send and receive software via the Web.

Whether you are downloading updates, pushing a patch back upstream, or even finding a new distro for your laptop, you rely on the Internet for access to software and documentation.

Without net neutrality, all that could go away. The new distro that you would come to love wouldn't come into existence, because the volunteers creating it could not only be limited neutralidad de la red their ability to share it with you, but they themselves could be limited in their ability to download the packages that comprise the operating system.

Chile: Primer país en legislar Neutralidad de la Red · Global Voices en Español

We could of course all go back to sharing tapes and CDs, but the explosion in growth and development that rose along with the rise of the free Internet would be hindered.

No one, except greedy telecoms, wants to go back in time twenty neutralidad de la red to when getting free software involved a postage stamp. It is impossible to enforce net neutrality without free software. Unless we're able to examine and study the software used to keep the net free, neutralidad de la red unable to ensure that it is actually respecting net neutrality.

Similarly, without net neutrality, it is unlikely that ISPs will ever use freedom-respecting software.

El adiós a la neutralidad en internet

Ian Kelling, of the FSF Tech Team, highlights the ways in which the ideologies of free software and net neutrality are related: Free software enables us to have software that works for us, and developers of free software get to really dig deep on what is in the best interests of the user.

ISPs, on the other hand, are acting for themselves, neutralidad de la red there are many examples of them doing things that are clearly against their customers' interests.


Net neutrality provides some basic rules of the road, and there are more ways neutralidad de la red should make ISPs act in our interests. But we can't develop a better ISP like we can with free software. Since then, the US government has allowed so many mergers that competition between ISPs is almost nonexistent.


It is no deterrent nowadays to abuses of any kind. The FCC's network neutrality regulation does not go far enough.

Full network neutrality means that the ISP cannot take note of which site you are communicating with, except under a specific court order aimed at you. But that is a battle for another day.

OpenNIC, conoce estos DNS a favor de la neutralidad de la red

Today we must defeat the attempt to abolish the limited network neutrality we already have. Click on each button to reveal the full text. Exceptions to Net Neutrality In accordance with neutralidad de la red Network Neutrality principle, Internet service providers shall refrain from discriminating, restricting, or otherwise interfering with the transmission of Internet traffic, unless such interference is strictly necessary and proportionate to: