We found a mansur ney (or a shah ney, I don't remember). summer and she came back with a method of ney, Ney Metodu by Ahmet Kaya. Ney Metodu. Kaya, Ahmet. Caglar Musiki Yayinlari © 1 book ( p.) + 1 compact disc; 28 cm. Paper Language: Turkish ISBN: X ISBN Ney Metodu - Ahmet Kaya - Caglar Musiki Yayinlari - Songbook With Cd.


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The dates come in the reverse temporal order the most recent comes first.

The external links may not work. I have no control on them. February, 10th, I went to Tunisia with my girlfriend some months ago. We found some neys there. They are different from Turkish ones no mouth piece, no metal ringsbut sound similar.

I also went to Ney metodu ahmet kaya with my girlfriend. We found a mansur ney or a shah ney, I don't remember.

Unfortunately I am left-handed and it's a right-handed ney metodu ahmet kaya the hole for the thumb is too far for the left hand but can be easily reached with the right one. But I play with it sometimes. It's much harder than a kiz ney. The kiz ney is shorter.

The Ney Diary

So the rule is: The other day, I unfortunately broke my kiz ney and my Tunisian ney by walking on them. I still can play with them, but I feel very sad to have broken them. All in all, Ney metodu ahmet kaya don't play much with the ney.

I don't have much time. You need something like one hour a day and I can't give it. So it's just random playing.

My technique cannot improve. Maybe later in my life will I find some time for the ney.

Maybe if I move to Turkey and meet real neyzen to share with them October, 28th, My girlfriend went to Turkey this summer and she came back with a method of ney, Ney Metodu by Ahmet Kaya. I am studying with this book ney metodu ahmet kaya turkish.

I will try to put online some real and accurate information, based on it, when I'll get some time.

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February, 8th, There is an audio samplebytes today. Better than the first one I think. I still need to work on my breathing. Things are better, but I don't take enough air, I can't hold the note long enough.


I can more or less reach 4 ranges the lowest is ney metodu ahmet kaya very stable yet. I think there are 6 of them. What I call a range is a way to blow in the ney. If you keep the same fingering, with various blowing techniques, you get different notes.

I think there are at least 6 ways to blow a friend of mine translated from neyzen. The 2 that I can't do are the highest ones.