Nitza Villapol's Cocina Criolla, or the Cuban Food Bible. Nitza was the Julia Child of Cuban cuisine. I own a copy of the cookbook. I now understand her. Buy a cheap copy of Cocina criolla book by Nitza Villapol. Este libro tan amado por tantos años por todos los amantes de la cocina y de Cuba. Platos deliciosos. "Do not underestimate this book, mi hija," my mom tells me as she hands over a book with a faded pink cover. Nitza Villapol's Cocina Criolla is a Cuban staple.


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It is also the pudding recipe, nitza villapol cocina criolla without eggs. Nitza and Cocina al Minuto The famous TV program that she used to nitza villapol cocina criolla was on air for more than four decades and marked the life of those who used to follow every chapter, every Cuban out or inside the island wanted to keep her books.

Villapol Contribution to the Traditional Cuban Cooking What Cuban around the world does not enjoy the typical rice and black beans, ropa vieja, yucca with garlic sauce that are other specialties of Villapol book?

Nitza Villapol: The Woman Who Taught Cubans To Cook With Just About Anything : The Salt : NPR

In the same way, she taught us how to use everything in the kitchen, the spare meat, as well as to become viands in a delicious dessert. She used to contribute instantly nitza villapol cocina criolla the nutritional information, to educate each person to elaborate healthy dishes at home, with less nitza villapol cocina criolla, something that was not distinctive at the beginning of the culinary customs in the island.

YouTube And to reflect the reality of life amid chronic shortages, she continuously revised Cocina al Minuto. She simplified recipes that called for foods that were expensive or hard to find and deleted large sections of chapters, such as many of the flour-based cakes and pastries in the plus-page dessert section.

She erased the "Sandwiches and Snacks" chapter altogether, cutting the line: These were replaced by recipes that taught Cubans how to use root vegetables in desserts sugar was one ingredient still readily available and encouraged them to cook a wider nitza villapol cocina criolla of native produce that was becoming more available, as farmers began growing long-neglected foods, like cassava, in greater quantities.

Other classic recipes were simplified to include cheaper cuts of meat and less oil and butter, both of which were rationed.

The Legend of Cocina Criolla by Nitza Villapol

Gone, too, were references to brand names and even some English food words. A note in one revised edition says, "The vocabulary word 'pie' pronounced pai is an English word and it translates like pastel.

It is used in Cuba to describe a class of pastry that was popular during the years of 'pseudorepublic' influenced by North Nitza villapol cocina criolla.


It is not accepted in our language and if it nitza villapol cocina criolla used, it is only so our readers can identify the type of pastry to which we are referring. Over the years, Villapol revised the cookbook dozens of times, changing her recipes to reflect the realities, and scarcities, of life under the Cuban Revolution.

Cocina criolla by Nitza Villapol

Suzanne Cope for NPR Newer editions of the cookbook also included veiled signs of solidarity with the communist state — for instance, by arguing that congri, or rice and beans, which had previously been considered peasant food, was a cornerstone of Cuban culture. And updated nutrition information urged Nitza villapol cocina criolla to consume nitza villapol cocina criolla meat and fat and more carbohydrates and vegetables.

After the fall of the Soviet Union infood security in Cuba became even more dire, and Villapol took her lessons of improvisation to new levels. In one oft-cited episode of Cocina al Minuto, she even taught viewers how to use plantain peels in place of meat.

She is fondly remembered as inspiring Cubans to culinary inventiveness in the face of scarcity. As Sisi Colomina, one of the stewards nitza villapol cocina criolla Villapol's estate, told me, "she was very conscious of teaching through her work, and always prioritized it.

She died in Even today, her cookbooks are considered to be the standard-bearers of Cuban cuisine. Cuban-American chef Ricardo Barreras, owner of the Brooklyn-based restaurant Pilartold me Cocina al Minuto was the first cookbook nitza villapol cocina criolla ever cooked from — his grandparents carried it with them to the United States at the dawn of the Cuban Revolution.