Sebastian Faulks's love story, On Green Dolphin Street, owes more than its title to Miles Davis. Buy On Green Dolphin Street 1st Vintage Edition by Sebastian Faulks (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. About the book. Faulks shifted location to the United States for his sixth novel, which begins in It may seem in time to have been a transitional novel.


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There is no anarchy set loose upon Mary and Charlie's marriage.

On Green Dolphin Street Lyrics

Nor is the result a triangular relationship so much as dualism's Archimedean point, found and tested. Their world is knocked out of joint, not tipped off its axis.


Faulks holds this relationship up as a mirror to the age. Exhausted by the sullen black-white oppositions of the Cold War, McCarthyism, and the South, America is described as being in a state of 'free-floating anxiety'.

On Green Dolphin Street in (C) - Learn Jazz Standards

As Eisenhower's term comes to an end, the war in Indochina - with its numberless, invisible enemy - symbolises precisely this neurosis; and Kennedy's on the green dolphin street over Nixon is conceded by the slenderest of grey margins.

The story centres around a heroine. Love is the engine that drives and directs the narrative; desire gives it shape and dimension. Topographical detail is closely rendered and lit with a gathering fever of emotion.

There's a faultless depiction of place and time, served up on a bed of generous reservation: But this is also a new departure for Faulks. The title is taken from a Miles Davis track, and the novel's structure owes much to the complex layering of rhythm and theme that is the currency of jazz: And the plot performs like an elegant melody, sliding above and below a dense articulation on the green dolphin street sound, so that any sense of a character's autonomy - a sudden, heartfelt solo - is soon tempered by the limits of tradition, family, or a diplomatic world become stupid with Cold War paranoia.

On Green Dolphin Street (song)

On the green dolphin street setting, too, is a new one. The Second World War is the subject of remembrance, merely offering the background boom of noise to more subtle, personal themes of desire and despair: But it is a love story with scant hope of resolution.

As the soloists hand over from one to the other there are moments of beautiful contrast on the green dolphin street dramatic tension, especially — and this is the reason why Humph picked this one in — when Bill Evans takes over for his solo from Cannonball Adderley.

He starts with hesitant single-note phrases before moving into a richly voiced two handed solo fully of lush harmonies. Every aspect of love and betrayal is considered, and Faulks does it all with apparent ease.

On Green Dolphin Street

He refuses to let you take sides in the adulterous affair. He also accurately captures D.

All with characters who feel like real people and with whom you enjoy spending time. Like all his novels, this one is first and foremost an old-fashioned love story.

As in Birdsong, this novel seamlessly weaves the personal and very intimate story of an accidental affair into a larger milieu of fairly grand but always understated significance.

Indeed, it's impossible to imagine this story occuring in any other time, or any other way. The story alternates between Washington, DC and New York City in s, and Faulks evokes the background political and social drama of on the green dolphin street period, creating a perfect backdrop for the inner drama of his characters.