Gujarati Weddings are colourful, rich, vibrant involving several pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, customs and g: book ‎| ‎Must include: ‎book. Best Seller · Premium. Home/; Wedding Matter. Wedding Matter. Gujarati Wedding Matter. Click to download pdf Wedding. Click to download pdf. Bride in Lehnga and Groom in Sherwani in a Hindu wedding. Indian wedding clothes are elaborate set of clothes worn by the bride, bridegroom and other . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.


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However, the only animals traded here are donkeys. About 4, donkeys are brought every year for pdf book in gujarati wedding, usually by Vanjara gypsy traders. The pilgrims who visit Vautha during the fair are from several communities and include farmers, labourers, and people belonging to several castes.

Shamlaji Melo November The Shamlaji Melo, also called the Kartik Purnima fair is held in the month of November every year and lasts for about two weeks.

pdf book in gujarati wedding It is attended by almost two hundred thousand people from adjoining districts and even from Rajasthan. Devotees belonging to various castes and communities including the Garasias and Bhils throng to this festival.

These pilgrims come in groups, singing devotional songs and carrying religious banners to have a darshan worship of the deity at the Shamlaji Temple.

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The Shamlaji Temple is a renowned Vaishnav Shrine and the deity housed here is known by various names pdf book in gujarati wedding Gadadhar bearer of the mace and Shaksi Gopal. The fair is also popular with the tribal people of the area, particularly the Bhils, who revere Shamlaji, the deity they refer to as "Kalio Bavji", the dark divinity.

The temple is of great archaeological significance as it was built in the 11th century. Apart from a darshan of the deity in the temple, the pilgrims consider a bath in the river Meshwo essential.

Tarnetar Fair The venkatareddy Tarnetar Fair is one of the most happening events in Gujarat and is held at the Temple of Shiva or Trinetreshwar three-eyed god pdf book in gujarati wedding, popularly known as Tarnetar.


Popular belief associates the village with the Swayamwar marriage of Draupadi after Arjun performed the Mastsyavedh, an unparalleled feat of archery. Villagers from all over the state, dressed in their brilliant traditional costumes and exquisite jewellery, flock to Tarnetar.

A veritable feast for the eyes is the Rasada, a captivating folk dance performed by hundreds of women moving gracefully in a single circle, dancing gaily to the accompaniment of four drums and jodja pava double flutes. It is in district Surendranagar.

The Kutch region in Gujarat abounds with splendid beaches, fascinating wildlife, and beautiful palaces and monuments. It is organised in the winter session in the capital city, Gandhinagar.


It is 10 day long festival and this located on the bank of river Sabarmati over hector landscaped land. Timing for sanskruti kunj between 2. Shamlaji Fair The Shamlaji shrine and the site boast of an ancient and glorious heritage. Thousands of tribal people flock to the Shamlaji fair.

Still he fulfills the desire of Bhakta. Bhakta is he Who associates or joins himself with Lord vishnu who was also known as Shree Krishna. Vautha Pdf book in gujarati wedding Melo Situated at the confluence of two rivers near Ahmedabad, the site attracts people of all communities.

Animals, particularly donkeys and camels, are sold in large numbers during this fair.


It is celebrated with lots of folk music and dance pdf book in gujarati wedding well as kite flying. People of Gujarat gather on terraces to fly kites of various colours to celebrate Makar Sakranti or Uttrayana, the welcome to the sun after the cold winter months. At night, kites with Chinese lanterns are flown and held aloft.

Culture of Gujarat

Food such as Undhiya, pdf book in gujarati wedding cane juice and local sweets is typically served to celebrate the day. The outer walls of the temple are covered with sculptures in which the figures of Suryathe sun god, are prominent. The Sun Temple is the site of an annual festival of Indian classical dances organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.