This tutorial enables you to create sessions in PHP via Login form and web server respond according to his/her request. PHP Login Script. We receive login form data in a PHP page as the post requests. In this script, we generate a SELECT query to validate user data with the database. If the user is authenticated successfully, then we add user logged-in status in a session and show a success message with the logout option to the user. PHP - Login Example. PHP login with session. Php login script is used to provide the authentication for our web pages. the Script executes after submitting the user login button. Login Page. Login page should be as follows and works based on session. It will erase the session data.


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PHP Login Script with Session

It specifies system host name or system ip address. The default value is localhost User: Default value is root. Create the Login page Create login.

We used post method to get the values, because post method is secure way to pass the username and password. Session is used to start the session and store the values in session and get the values anywhere in the web pages.

When a user php login script with session their username and password in login page, php login script will check the given username and password in the database table using MySQL select query, if the query return the value, script will redirect to home.

Our login page, register page, index page and other pages will look more beautiful now. Continue the tutorial below to achieve the output of our login page.

We just made our first output. Open a php login script with session tab and go to http: But our output does not work yet. Let's continue coding below.

The system action was generated as a result of the activity the user has taken. For example, the user tries to access a page where a login is required.


The alert message below were seen if the user tries to access the customer index page http: Replace it with the following code. This method will read a user record from the database based on a given email address.

Place the following method in user class.

PHP Login Script with Session

User status 1 means the user is verified. For this tutorial, we assume all users are verified. For example, your premium products or services. When you try to login a customer account.

Use the following login credentials. This is a good practice. We will add this here so that it can be used php login script with session in this tutorial as well.

Create "php" folder and open it. We will place the registration form using the code below.

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The code below will try to detect if the registration form was submitted. It also validates if the submitted email already exists or not. The code below will php login script with session the submitted data to "user object" properties and then call the create method.

This method contains the INSERT query to the database, sanitizes the submitted data, binds the data and executes the query.

Add the following function inside the class.