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For women it also had an aesthetic purpose meant to underline the small feminine waist and bring fertility.

The art and craft of making traditional clothing and footwear is slowly fading with the elderly having less and less young people to pass it on.

Meters of homemade textiles were spread out to dry in front of portul popular romanesc house. Suman — autumn coat which varies in colors and design. Dacian women wore shirts rippled portul popular romanesc the neck related to the Romanian ie.

Sleeves were either long and wide or short.

Romanian Folk Costumes, All Ethnographic Zones; Portul popular romanesc

The dress was long to the ground, over which sometimes was attached a wide draped mantle. In the feet they wore leather sandals in summer and fur sandals in winter. Painting by Marianne Stokes Portraits of the founders provide important information about the type of material of which were made the pieces of the port and about elements of tailoring, portul popular romanesc and chromatics.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, votive paintings on the walls of churches reserved to country's rulers and nobility hypostasiate a wider range of donors. As portul popular romanesc result, in the sub-Carpathian areas of Oltenia especially in Gorj appear portraits of free peasants, freeholders and yeomen.

: Ie Traditionala Romaneasca - Ie Nationala

But representations of peasant port date from the fourteenth century. In Codex Latinus Parisinus, written during — by Paulus Sanctinus Ducensis, military engineer of King Sigismund portul popular romanesc Luxembourgbesides portraits of knights and footmen appear described ancillaries of the army: In Chronicon Pictum Vindobonense are portrayed men in white shirts and trousers Romanian: Over they wore shaggy sarici with long sleeves and left on back.

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Romanian dress - Wikipedia

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