The fifth Preacher collection opens with Cassidy: Blood & Whiskey, another Ennis-Dillon one-shot providing insight into a character's past. In this case, the target. “Preacher: Dixie Fried” starts when the vampire suggests the motely crew head to New Orleans to enlist the help of a voodoo priest. Preacher VOL Dixie Fried Paperback – September 1, Garth Ennis (Author), Steve Dillon (Illustrator) Preacher VOL War in the Sun (Preacher (DC Comics)).


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Jesse Custer is on a mission to find GOD Genesis, as a creature of both pure good and pure evil, has the potential to be the most powerful force in existence. Thus, when you piss Jesse off and he says to you Well, you preacher dixie fried God cut and ran scared the moment that Genesis came into existence and has been in hiding ever sense, afraid Genesis will go all Armageddon preacher dixie fried Him.

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Preacher: Dixie Fried

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Cassidy has no time for that sort of thing, and he sets about setting the misguided Eccarius on a livelier path.

Preacher, Volume 5: Dixie Fried by Garth Ennis

Sometimes, though, it's just too hard to break someone of an ingrained fantasy. These people are jaded, betrayed, and bitter. Cassidy approaches them, as friends, but each of them detest him for reasons unknown to Jesse and Tulip, preacher dixie fried Tulip has formed preacher dixie fried assumptions.

Arseface finally makes contact with Jesse and his revenge is handled with beautiful simplicity.


A fitting end to an odd ass faced man. Finally, Preacher dixie fried Starr kills Eisenstein, the remaining figure standing between him and complete control over the Grail, but at the cost of his genitals.

He enlists preacher dixie fried Saint of Killers to murder God, realizing it is the only way to free the world from His oppressive and selfish machinations. In order to set God up for the Saint, Jesse must release Genesis, and the only way to do preacher dixie fried is to die himself.

To achieve this, Jesse arranges a final showdown between himself and Cassidy at the Alamo. Beforehand, he tips off Starr, who has decided to kill Jesse out of revenge for the various mutilations he has suffered trying to recruit him for the Grail.