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Sn and Sb in the patina are them with artificially corroded lead alloys Storme et enriched relative to the metal, but their ratio is similar to al ; Ghiara et al The latter study found that of the other Mainz type.

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This indicates Storme et al did, however, recognise that Sb-rich a homogenous patina composition print pages to pdf implies a similar alloys are more often seriously corroded.

Sb or SbSn crystals within mineralised layers of Pb corrosion products, mainly Pb oxides and carbonates The analogous behaviour of Sn and Sb during corrosion Storme et al; However, one must Wittenberg.

Thus, the intermetallic compound and also consider the different solubility of Pb, Sn and Sb possibly Sb-rich crystals appear to behave as a cathode compounds that form during corrosion and the micro- during corrosion and are more corrosion resistant than structure of the type metal.

Meltingfig Since the corrosion crusts have grey circle and Oberursel black circles can be estimated from not been studied in detail, one can only speculate on their the plotted data.

The diagram ignores the low Cu and Bi contents micro-morphology. At present it is reasonable to assume of the metals after Osamurafigs 3 and 4, with additions. Often voluminous Pb corrosion products such as are necessary. According to F S Pelgen pers commthe print pages to pdf from The printing letters from Mainz and Oberursel are unique Mainz once also had a whitish outer patina region like historical and archaeological documents from the late the print pages to pdf from Wittenberg.

Aurox Linux

It was removed during 16th and early 17th century AD. They give an invaluable conservation and only some type pieces still retain traces glimpse of contemporary book printing, which had been of it.

The X-ray measurements were carried out at the top invented nearly years before by Johannes Gutenberg of the grey-coloured inner layer which possibly contains at the same place Mainz. The data from Oberursel matches well the earlier analyses quoted by Kopp In general, the print pages to pdf variation is small, indicating that the Oberursel type was cast by the same craftsman within a short time span.

This is print pages to pdf by matching element patterns of some type pairs as well as production details on the grooves of the types Fig In contrast, the scattered composition of the Mainz type Figure The underside of the type from Oberursel cf Fig 6 showing their feet and grooves.

Parallel scratches running from suggests production within a broader time span, but the one type piece to the next indicate simultaneous working with a data could also indicate recycling of unusable objects plane within a single workshop. The type pieces hence belong and re-melting of type metal.


Nevertheless, the origin to the same set. A possible Pb as the main component. However, type also Sn, is considerable lower.

Relationships between Frankfurt and several of type metal.


Modern printing metal commonly contains the above-mentioned printers from Mainz and Oberursel 0. The low Bi concentrations c0. As can be seen from Figure 14, the melting temperatures Two different alloy groups could be identified among of the observed ternary alloys concentrate near the the examined type.

At the same time, such alloys exhibit rather high hardness values due to the presence of SbSn intermetallic crystals Fig 15b as well as good wear resistance properties. All parameters taken together, the type from Mainz and Oberursel are most suitable tools for book printing at print pages to pdf time.