Control Philosophy. Control philosophy is a written description of the process with an emphasis on how it should be operated and controlled. This document is usually generated by the process engineer and directed to the control systems engineers to assist them in designing their program logic and coding activities. BENDIGO MINING LIMITED BENDIGO GOLD PROJECT PROCESS CONTROL PHILOSOPHY by fr-8 in Types > Instruction manuals and process control. The PCS would be used for monitoring and control of the process and for safe operation of the plant as well as the protection of personnel, equipment and the environment. This section defines the philosophy and terminology used to describe the plant operation.


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The fundamental building block of any industrial control system is the control loopwhich controls just one process variable.

Chapter 8: Process Control Philosophy

An example is shown in the process control philosophy diagram, where the flow rate in a pipe is controlled by a PID controller, assisted by what is effectively a cascaded loop in the form of a valve servo-controller to ensure correct valve positioning.

Some large systems may have several hundreds or thousands of control loops. In complex processes the loops are interactive, so that the operation of one loop may affect the operation of process control philosophy. The system diagram for representing control loops is a Piping and instrumentation diagram.

Control Philosophy

Example of level control system of a continuous stirred-tank reactor. The flow control into the tank would be cascaded off the level control.


A further example is shown. If a control valve were used to hold level in a tank, the level controller would compare the process control philosophy reading of a level sensor to the level setpoint and determine whether more or less valve opening was necessary to keep the level constant.

A cascaded flow controller could then process control philosophy the change in the valve position.

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Economic advantages[ edit ] The economic nature of many products manufactured in batch and continuous processes require highly efficient operation due to thin margins.

The competing factor in process process control philosophy is that products must meet certain specifications in order to be satisfactory.

These specifications can come in two forms: This buffer comes at an economic cost i. Process efficiency can be enhanced by reducing the margins necessary to ensure product specifications are met. The efficiency is improved process control philosophy a two step method of narrowing the variance and shifting the target.


Once margins are narrowed, an economic analysis can be done on the process to determine how the set point target is to be shifted. This is true all over Japan and even in Japanese manufacturing operations that have been opened in the United States and Canada. The Japanese are willing to sacrifice the economy of faster cycle times for reliability and repeatability.

The Japanese tend to study and thoroughly understand not only what is going on within their processes but also process control philosophy external factors that affect them.

process control philosophy

Process Control Philosophy - How to develop one. - Chemical engineering other topics - Eng-Tips

They are slow to specify new substitute materials or process supplies in the interest of economy. They use the fish bone diagram effectively and determine the root causes of unwanted variation.

Process control philosophy following serves as an example of how the Japanese look at their processes. Engineers at one aluminum foundry, using many of the same molds, recognized process control philosophy consistency of the mold coating was a key variable in producing castings with consistent microstructure properties and was a major factor influencing directional solidification.

Control Philosophy | Unitel Technologies | Chicago, IL

They also determined that there was little consistency between operators process control philosophy the artful application of the refractory coatings. They concluded that coatings begin to wear in certain areas during the second process control philosophy of operation.

Define security such as the access permitted operators, technicians, supervisors, etc. Explain what happens upon transmitter failure.

5. Control and Operating Philosophy

After you pull it all together, issue it for approval. Incorporate the comments as much as practical. For a precise temperature control a level control loop is introduced.