The term “project life cycle” is misleading, because it is neither a perpetual circle of events nor the sequence of events rigidly fixed. There are. The project life cycle divides the project into distinct stages. How you define these stages and the activities you do in them will have a lasting. Project Management Life Cycle and Project Management Methodology. Every step in the project lifecycle is explained here, helping you complete projects more.


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A clear understanding of these phases allows managers and executives to maintain control of the project more efficiently.

Project life cycle definition definition, a project has a beginning and an end and passes through several phases of development known as life cycle phases. These phases are varied depending upon the industry involved but all follow the same basic steps.

What is the Project Life Cycle?

He has written three professional development manuals and numerous white papers on aspects of management science. SinceBrian has been a part-time instructor for Global Knowledge within the Management product line.

Global Knowledge delivers comprehensive hands-on project management, business process, project life cycle definition professional skills training. For example, in the case of a project whose aim is to evaluate, recommend and implement a computerized accounts system.

What is the Project Life Cycle?

The project life cycle definition of the project are restricted to the selection of the most suitable system available and the training and implementation necessary for its introduction.

The actual purchase of the system is not within the terms of reference of the project, as this capital cost will be taken from a separate budget.

A typical life cycle will run from the formal initiation of a project through to a post implementation review of project life cycle definition delivered end-product.

This post implementation review is not shown as it is usually held some months after the project has been formally closed.

The Project Life Cycle – A Definition

There is often little agreement between industries, or even between organizations within the same industry, about the life cycle phases of a project. This is understandable because of the complicated nature and diversity of projects.

A five phase project life cycle project life cycle definition can be applied to a variety of project scenarios although the cost and duration of each phase will vary according to the particular project.


The conceptual phase includes the preliminary evaluation of an idea. It is common for this phase to include a first cut feasibility study for the proposed project. The number and sequence of the cycle are determined by the management project life cycle definition various other factors like needs of the organization involved in the project, the nature of the project, and its area of application.

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The phases have a definite start, end, and control point and are constrained by time. The project lifecycle can be defined and modified as per the needs and aspects of the organization.

Even though every project has a definite start and end, the particular project life cycle definition, deliverables, and activities vary widely.

Project Life Cycle Definition

The lifecycle provides the basic foundation of the actions that has to be performed in the project, irrespective of the specific work involved. Project life cycles can range from predictive or plan-driven approaches to adaptive or change-driven approaches.

In a predictive life project life cycle definition, the specifics are defined at the start of the project, and any alterations to scope are carefully addressed. In an adaptive life cycle, the product is developed over multiple iterations, and detailed scope is defined for iteration only as the iteration begins.

Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle Although projects are unique and highly unpredictable, their standard framework consists of same generic lifecycle project life cycle definition, consisting of following phases: Starting of the project The Planning Phase: