Read 4 answers by scientists with 3 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by Neha Sharma on May 30, Scheffe's procedure is perhaps the most popular of the post hoc procedures, the most flexible, and the most conservative. Scheffe's procedure corrects alpha for  Missing: prueba ‎| ‎Must include: ‎prueba. Dr. Todd Grande. This video demonstrates how to conduct an ANOVA with a Scheffe post hoc test.


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Prueba de Scheffé by María Morales on Prezi

Also compute the statistics required for multiple comparison tests. The p-value of 0.


Similarly, the prueba de scheffe of 0. Perform multiple comparison tests to find out which groups of the factors g1 and g2 are significantly different. In the results matrix, the number 1 corresponds to the combination prueba de scheffe level 1 of g1 and level hi of g2, the number 2 corresponds to the combination of level 2 of g1 and level hi of g2.

Prueba de scheffe

Similarly, the number 3 corresponds to the combination of level 1 of g1 and level lo of g2, and the number 4 corresponds to the prueba de scheffe of level 2 of g1 and level lo of g2. The last column of the matrix contains the p-values.

For example, the first row of the matrix shows that the combination of level 1 of g1 and level hi of g2 has the same mean response values as the combination of level 2 of g1 and level hi of g2. The p-value corresponding to this test is 0.

Multiple comparison and range test that uses the Studentized maximum modulus. Similar to Tukey's honestly significant difference test.

Pairwise prueba de scheffe test that prueba de scheffe the Studentized maximum modulus and is generally more powerful than Hochberg's GT2 when the cell sizes are unequal.

Dunnett's test - Wikipedia

Gabriel's test may become liberal when prueba de scheffe cell sizes vary greatly. Multiple comparison test based on a t statistic; uses a Bayesian approach. Pairwise multiple comparison t test that compares a set of treatments against a single control mean.

The last category is the default control category. Alternatively, you can choose the first category. Conservative pairwise comparisons test based on a t test.


Dunnett's test takes into consideration the special structure of comparing treatment against control, yielding in narrower confidence intervals. Another common use of this method is among agronomists: However, this calculator is hard-coded for contrasts prueba de scheffe are pairs, and hence does not pester the user for additional input that defines generalized contrast structures.

The Bonferroni and Holm methods of multiple comparison depends on the number of relevant pairs being compared simultaneously. This calculator is hard-coded for Bonferroni and Holm simultaneous multiple comparison of 1 all pairs prueba de scheffe 2 only a subset of pairs relative to one treatment, the first column, deemed to be the control.

The post-hoc Bonferroni simultaneous multiple comparison of treatment pairs by this calculator is based prueba de scheffe the formulae and procedures at the NIST Engineering Statistics Handbook page on Bonferroni's method.

The original Bonferroni published paper prueba de scheffe Italian dating back prueba de scheffe is hard to find on the web. A significant improvement over the Bonferroni method was proposed by Holm Among the many reviews of the merits of the Holm method and its uniform superiority over the Bonferroni method, that of Aickin and Gensler is notable.

This paper is the also source of our algorithm to make comparisons according to the Holm method.