Bacteriology of pyometra in the dairy cow. []. Olson J.D. Ball L. Mortiner R.G. Farin P.W. et al. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the document at. Efecto del Glycoline® sobre la eficiencia reproductiva en vacas lecheras de alta .. not have estrus in the CG, 4 had downer cow syndrome and 1 had pyometra. In the case of pyometra, through rectal palpation the uterine horns are found to be 3®) en vacas lecheras del distrito de Pachacamac, departamento de Lima.


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Pyometra en vacas lecheras pdf to excel - PDF Files

Pyometra may also be produced when: Pyometra en vacas lecheras death occurs, followed by the invasion of bacterial pathogens such as A. An infection is produced during handling in the case of artificial insemination at incorrect time Sheldon et al.


Animals affected do not look sick, but when in anestrus they may be presented to the veterinarian for diagnosis of pregnancy and it is in this moment when the problem is detected.

After resolution, the cows take time to become pregnant, and this pyometra en vacas lecheras directly related to the endometrial degeneration which increases the rate of embryonic and fetal losses Sheldon et al.

Treatment The traditional treatments of endometritis and metritis are based on the infusion of antimicrobials in the uterine cavity.

Diagnostico de endometritis subclínica en vacas lecheras | Maskana

There has been much controversy regarding the effectiveness of this type of protocol, given that antibiotics can reach the circulation and leave residues pyometra en vacas lecheras the milk Lewis, Metri — Cef 3 syringe and infusion tube The systemic application of antibiotics is important in severe cases of septic metritis, given that the infection may become generalized Sheldon et al.

When puerperal metritis develops, the application of active antibiotics against A. The rational treatment of endometritis has been pyometra en vacas lecheras discussed Azawi, and is aimed at improving fertility through the elimination of the pathogens in the uterus.

The pyometra en vacas lecheras commonly-used treatments number three: PGF2a or similar when there is corpus luteum present, intra-uterine antibiotics and estrogens Sheldon et al. Treatment with PGF2a is as effective as other treatments, as well as being less aggressive and the milk need not be discarded LewisSheldon and Dobson, In the absence of corpus luteum, a broad range of intra-uterine treatments have been administered, including antiseptics and antibiotics.

The administering of estradiol at a dose of milligrams per animal has been used therapeutically for postpartum endometritis and is as effective as PGF2a Sheldon and Noakes,and both are superior to the spontaneous recovery of untreated animals.


However, the treatment-conception interval is much longer with estradiol than with PGF2a or the administering of intra-uterine antibiotics Sheldon and Noakes, In spite of the potential of estrogens in the treatment of endometritis, the results have been incorrect and vary according to the pharmacological presentation and the dose administered.

Also, the authorities of several countries have banned the use of estrogens Sheldon et al. The pyometra en vacas lecheras of pyrometra is universal and researchers agree that PGF2a or similar is the most appropriate treatment, given that it produces luteolysis, and pyometra en vacas lecheras presence of the corpus luteum is one of the most significant underlying factors of this condition Sheldon et al.

Conclusions In the uterus of all cows postpartum bacterial contamination occurs, but this does not necessarily lead to infection or the development of uterine disease.

Bacteriology of pyometra in the dairy cow.

The main uterine diseases of the postpartum period pyometra en vacas lecheras The main consequences of endometritis are infertility and reduced infertility, even after the successful resolution of the disease. The treatments of metritis and endometritis include the application of antibiotics, including both parenteral and intra-uterine application.

In cases of endometritis PGF2a has also been recommended. The treatment of pyometra is universal and consists of the application of PGF2a.