El Congreso Iberoamericano para la Sustentabilidad Universitaria UTEM y Red Campus Sustentable, tiene por objetivo contribuir en la promoción del. La RED IBEROAMERICANA DE ECONOMÍA ECOLÓGICA, REDIBEC, es una Ciencia, política, y desafíos a los procesos mundiales en un mundo perturbado de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB), para recaer, en la Sus dos líneas de acción más importantes son la gestión y promoción de: REVISTA. The Revista Ciência & Saúde Coletiva, official journal edited by Associação .. authors “3” and “5” - highlighted in Figure 1 in relation to the red intensity and the.


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These networks can be considered as distinct and consistent aggregators of knowledge to the discipline within their original areas of study.

In addition, the position of the authors within the co-authorship provides information about with whom they have published. The network structures shown in Figure 2 are numbered in descending order of the total number of articles in the respective network.

The Network 1, consisting of 14 most productive authors and its various partnerships, had the highest number of articles accounting for These quantities reflect a significant development of knowledge that can be attributed to the authors of Network 1.

It is also important to highlight that this network has publications in each redes para la ciencia revista the 10 years analyzed in this study.

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This illustrates the lasting contributions that researchers in this cluster are making in the area of public health. No other network presented articles in each of the 10 years under review.


Final considerations Limitations of this study include the time period chosen. Bibliometric mapping occurs within the context redes para la ciencia revista a time period. During the time period under examination for this study the number of issues published per year increased from 4 issues plus a supplement, to 6 issues plus 1 to 3 supplements, to 12 issues per year one with a supplement and the others without.


This rendered a comparison of published articles per author, per year meaningless. Therefore it is not possible to make conclusions about the productivity of the most prolific authors identified here within the context of all published works during the same time period.

Riviera6 suggests that scientific publication practices are constructivist. Knowing that a particular readership of a journal could produce a favorable citation history for authors may motivate them to continue to publish in redes para la ciencia revista particular journal.

The cycle of publication and citation then could influence the structure of research teams and the addition of new co-authors for future articles.

Facultad de Ciencias Forestales UNSE | Quebracho Revista de Ciencias Forestales – principal |

Future studies could include linking time and co-authorship network development and changes among the most productive authors.

Future studies should also compare the co-authorship networks within the redes para la ciencia revista of a particular journal to the broader publication productivity for the same time redes para la ciencia revista.

It is interesting to note that the most published author is the central figure in the network that contains 14 of the most productive authors in this study. In a similar study with Nobel Laureates and Non-Nobel Laureates, researchers found that although the laureates had a lower number of coauthors across their careers, they were as collaborative as non-laureates, and more likely to span a network to create a collaboration, positioning themselves for new discoveries The researchers posit that through their own visibility laureates can broker their network connections, and engage more frequently in activities that revel to them structural holes and opportunities for new knowledge development that keeps them on the forefront of scientific discovery Future research could include examination of productivity of networks and detailed examination of the specific partnerships within networks.

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Within the discipline of nursing collaboration is understood as a property of scholarliness. Established disciplines need to collaborate both within and between disciplines in both research and publication to facilitate the development of knowledge The scientific community contributes to the body of collective knowledge, and it is the first step in the creation of research centers and works to build on the redes para la ciencia revista of others Interdisciplinary research is an expectation in funded research, and the group involved is highly valued.


Global partnerships where collaboration unites complementary skills and knowledge are needed to solve global health problems As public health problems quickly reach beyond the borders of countries, global partnerships will become important for tackling future pandemic conditions.

Results of this study support the idea that partnerships redes para la ciencia revista important for generating knowledge. While country of affiliation was not collected for this study, future studies should include this information to determine whether knowledge generation is geographically limited.

It is an expectation within the academic culture that redes para la ciencia revista, and students publish so that their findings can be disseminated, and they can obtain funding for their research Traditionally, early career faculty have been encouraged to pursue publication as the sole author and co-authored publications are viewed less favorably This advice seems to run contrary to findings in this study which would suggest research and publication that takes place within a network has a synergistic effect on publication productivity.