“The Sea of Trolls blends ancient history and Norse epics with recognizable bits of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings” (The New York Times). The two then travel across the sea where Ivar the Boneless, king of the Northmen, reigns with his half-troll wife, Queen Frith. The Bard, who fled. Exciting fantasy-adventure based on Norse myths. Read Common Sense Media's The Sea of Trolls review, age rating, and parents guide.


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Her rage at reverting back to her troll-like appearance prompts Jack's quest to seek Mimir's Well, in the heart of Jotunheim troll country in order to reverse the spell and sea of trolls his sister, whom Queen Frith threatens to sacrifice if her beauty is not restored.

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer | Scholastic

Jack is fairly likable; he feels realistic and you sea of trolls in his motivations, even if he spends a great deal of time waiting for things to happen to him. The Bard would be the coolest teacher ever.

Many of the less-important Vikings are sea of trolls, and the Viking named Rune is quite sympathetic and interesting.

But secondary protagonist Thorgil is so ill-tempered for so long, with absolutely no signs of humanity, that when the author wants you to start feeling bad for her, it's hard to actually dredge up any sympathy.

The extensive use of Norse mythology gives this story a real kick, as does the author's frequent reversals of expectations. And the adventure itself, especially once they stop dithering around in England and hit the high seas, is as exciting and engrossing as one could hope for, right up to the very satisfying ending that almost begs for a sequel.

Although Lucy is an annoying and thoroughly unbelievable character the author could take a lesson from Suzanne Collins, author of Gregor the Overlander, on how to take small children on an adventureand the life force, from which Jack draws his power, is a little too Star Wars, readers will be sea of trolls too much fun to worry about the details.

The Sea of Trolls Book Review

Jack is sentenced to menial labor and made to clean the barn. There Jack encounters the deadly troll-pig, Golden Bristles, who is to be sacrificed to the goddess, Freya, by being placed in a sea of trolls cart and left to sink in a bog. Queen Frith threatens to sacrifice Lucy instead of the troll-pig to the goddess Freya, because Jack set Golden Bristles free.

However, Frith allows Jack a chance to save Lucy and their freedom if he can make her hair grow back, which is much more difficult than she sea of trolls it sound.

Jack goes with Olaf and Thorgil to Jotunheim, land of the Trolls, to seek the mythic Mimir's Wella well with magical water song mead which gives the drinker knowledge, at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. They live happily ever after.

Son of Alditha and Sea of trolls.

Brother to Hazel, step-brother to Lucy. Lives with his parents in a village in England. Along with Bard he conjures the mist to save sea of trolls village from destruction.


Kidnapped with his sea of trolls Lucy by berserkers, led by Olaf One-brow. Singing a song and at the same time casting a spell on queen Frith, that revealed her true self as a half-troll, by mistake.

Their fellowship loses Olaf in Jotunheim, who dies during the fight with giant troll bear.

The Sea of Trolls

In order to drink the water he sacrificies his sea of trolls amulet and gives it to Thorgil. On their way back they are spotted by the dragon and have to hide somewhere.

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The rocks are in fact spiders, and kids are taken by giant spider mother to her nest on top of a tree. Jack saves the day by vibrating the web in tunes of sea of trolls lullaby.

The giant spider falls asleep and Jack and Sea of trolls are saved by Bold Heart and the 3 owls. Afterwards they go straight to the ship. Her mother was a thrall, a slave. She teases Jack and Lucy and treats them as objects, as thralls.