“No Strings” has never been so tangled. Serengeti Sunrise Ever since Zoe King arrived at the Three Rocks pride, Tyler Minor has been running hot and cold on. Shana had called dibs on investigating the town proper, hauling Caleb with her to do some shopping. Which stuck Zoe with the ass who thought he had the right. Serengeti Sunrise (Serengeti Shifters) - Kindle edition by Vivi Andrews. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.


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And maybe the reason serengeti sunrise vivi andrews has stayed this long has a name. He raised his brothers and sister himself, he is a pillar of the community, strong and dependable. Tyler has wanted Zoe, crazy, wild child, strong-willed and stubborn Zoe, for way too long.

But when he decides to have her, it will be forever.


Tyler laid a ten next to the trail of condensation. Under other circumstances she might have been amused, but right now she was concentrating on holding a grudge. The ostrich approach was unnecessary.

Читать онлайн "Serengeti Sunrise" автора Andrews Vivi - RuLit - Страница 10

After a month of rumors flying with no damage control, there should have been more of a reaction. Something was definitely wrong. I take care of myself. God save me from alpha males.

Serengeti Sunrise (Serengeti Shifters, #4) by Vivi Andrews

Go on, have fun, get yourself killed? What they now uncover will change the future of the Pack, and maybe the way they associate with other shifters serengeti sunrise vivi andrews well. There's a bigger threat out there than they would've imagined and this will only be the beginning. There is passion and desire, and well-crafted characters.

I can honestly say it was worth serengeti sunrise vivi andrews wait. Wanderlust has its clutches on Zoe King. But before she goes, she has one last itch to scratch, and that itch Vivi Andrews has created a world filled with sensuous shifters and hidden dangers with this, the fourth book in her Serengeti Shifters series.

Review: Serengeti Sunrise by Vivi Andrews

But before she goes, she has one last itch to scratch, and that itch has a name: Tyler has spent twenty years taking care of his responsibilities after his father abandoned his family and left Tyler in charge of serengeti sunrise vivi andrews siblings. But when the pride is threatened, can Zoe and Ty work together to save them all?

And will Zoe stay with Ty once serengeti sunrise vivi andrews danger is past, or give in to her wanderlust? Zoe King is determined and independent, with a smart and sassy personality.