The story of the co-founder of apple, Steve Wozniak. 1-Sentence-Summary: iWoz is Steve Wozniak's autobiography, detailing his story in his own words, from early tinkering with electronics in his. Read "iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon" by Steve Wozniak with Rakuten Kobo. “'The Woz' built the first [personal computer]—by hand, by himself.”—USA.


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You have to trust your own designs, your own intuition, and your own understanding of what your invention needs to be. The thing is Steve wozniak iwoz understand and appreciate is what they did for technology, for computers as an industry and, by extension, for the world.

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Woz with his book I was entertained and educated by both, but in truth Wozniak is the more fascinating of the two Steves. And steve wozniak iwoz the end, his message, which carries throughout the book, is the most powerful ending either steve wozniak iwoz tale could have told.

The world needs inventors—great ones. You can be one. The world does need engineers and inventors, and you helped establish some very real insights for those who want to change the world by creating something new.


He went home and recreated the game on his own, using a standard television for the display which in itself, took some doing. He even added some features not found on the commercial game, such as displaying the score onscreen and displaying four-letter exclamations when missing a ball.

Once while visiting Jobs, he showed it to one of steve wozniak iwoz top executives of Atari, Inc. Wozniak declined, however, explaining that he could never leave Hewlett-Packard HP where he was currently steve wozniak iwoz.

While still with HP, Wozniak describes his moonlighting development, with Jobs, of the prototype of the arcade game Breakout for Atari, Inc. He also describes, without bitterness, how Jobs shortchanged him on the job. Jobs, who worked for Atari Inc. Wozniak later found out that Atari Inc. He says that all the ideas for improving the computer came to him while he was designing the Apple I, but he steve wozniak iwoz implement them because he wanted to finish the Steve wozniak iwoz I in a timely manner.

Anyone starting to read this book expecting to be wowed by a literary genius or amazing elaborate stories need to a reality check. What Steve wozniak iwoz love about this book is steve wozniak iwoz you totally get that Steve Wozniak is a pure bred engineer and anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with engineers would understand that his commentary is not about boasting or arrogance, it's simply the way engineers think!

He explicitly lays out why he wrote the book and I'm glad he did.

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After reading it I felt like doing two things, designing something to create and also pulling steve wozniak iwoz pranks of my own!! One hell of a big steve wozniak iwoz, almost too mich to bear.

Although this book is an interesting glimpse at the early Apple days and the Apple I and II, many of Woz's claims did not ring true for me.