The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More is a book by Chris Anderson, Editor in chief of Wired magazine. The book was initially  Publisher‎: ‎Hyperion. In a nutshell, it provides readers with a history of the hit, a definition and short history of the so-called 'Long Tail', a look at the new units of today-- the new market. The key Long Tail characteristics are: The ability for Long Tail retailers to offer more products. The ability for consumers to find products via technology, and. The ability for retailers large and small to make profits from niches, not just "hits.".


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In The Long Tail, Anderson demonstrates that the real mother lode of commercial success for twentyfirst century businesses will be in multipleniche marketing rather than trying to score a few mass market hits.

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the long tail summary According to Anderson, a new business model is arising based on the economics of abundance rather than scarcity. There are more products available in any given category than retailers have space for on their shelves.

Typically, retailers carry as little as 1. Everyone still with me?

Now, how this relates to the graph: Which, of course makes sense — go with the products that more people buy, right? Perfect retail logic… until recently. The lower the costs of selling, the more you can sell.

Summary: The Long Tail Chris Anderson

Three things, in fact. Production costs — from recording CDs to self-publishing books to editing professional looking videos at home — are dropping dramatically. Incredibly cost effective distribution channels eBay, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Remove the limitations of bricks-and-mortar retailers — like the long tail summary shelf space, which leads companies to concentrate on the most popular products — and the infrequent sellers or undistributed merchandise suddenly start to acquire more value.

Summary: The Long Tail Chris Anderson by Must Read Summaries

This is not a new thought. Number one may still be number one, but the number ones don't sell as much as they used to. Hits are the long tail summary the economic force they used to be; markets have fragmented into millions of niches.

The main difference between then and now is that consumers of today have far more choices than ever before.

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This incredible amount of choice is resonating in a very big way with modern-day consumers; they increasingly favor markets that provide the most the long tail summary.

A new market is coming to fruition-- a market of multitudes and niche products that, thanks to the Internet and other such sources, is easier and cheaper to reach than ever before.

This book is about that market. It takes a look at niches, which are emerging as the new big market alongside the hits.


The massed group of niches has always existed, but thanks to modern-day the long tail summary the cost of reaching this group has fallen dramatically, and as a result it has become a force to be reckoned with. The expertise gained from decades of experience in creating, picking and promoting hits no longer exists.

A new set of resources, one that explains not only how to deal with this situation but to prosper, is vital.

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This book is one such resource. In a nutshell, it provides readers with a history of the hit, a definition and short history of the so-called 'Long Tail', a look at the new units the long tail summary today-- the new market, producers, tastemakers-- as well as a prediction of how tomorrow's Tail might look like.

In the course of his research on modern technology trends, author Chris Anderson made an astounding discovery.