More Than Human has ratings and reviews. Bill said: If you have ever been lonely and longed for completion, you will be drawn to this book. B. : More Than Human : Theodore Sturgeon: More Than Human and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon Reviewed by Ted Gioia The knock on s-era science fiction is that it is poorly written, all plot and platitudes.


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They want to be famous or powerful or respected. Ethics is a supportive shield, yes, but love too. You can be a materialist and a romantic at the same time, as these great, great quotes prove. So it seems that just as Nietzsche was a sentimental sucker — cracking when he saw an old horse being beaten — also Sturgeon is yet another example of one of the great human paradoxes: Take for example Sturgeon's most famous book, More Than Human.

The first hundred pages set up a series of puzzles, built around isolated theodore sturgeon more than human with fragmentary personal histories and anomalous behavior patterns.

And just when the reader feels that a theodore sturgeon more than human situation is beginning to clarify itself, Sturgeon shifts scenes completely, abandons everything he has already presented, and starts again with another puzzle.

More Than Human - Wikipedia

An idiot who is destined for greatness no human has previously achieved? A neurotic recluse who commits suicide for no apparent reason?

They were educated and fed under her care. Soon, however, Gerry learned that domestication and theodore sturgeon more than human had weakened their gestalt. He killed Alicia, and the group returned to living alone in the woods.


Theodore sturgeon more than human anything, Gerry's telepathic abilities are stronger than Lone's. His amnesia was caused by Alicia's having accidentally transmitted her memories to his mind when they first met, triggered by her strong emotional reaction to hearing the words "Baby is three".

He learned about her entire life, including her past relationship with Lone, in a split second.

After being helped by the psychiatrist, Gerry erases the man's memory of him. The third and concluding part of the novel is Morality. Again, it occurs several years after the previous part. The shift in narrative style in each part is a little disorienting, but Sturgeon always gets back on track before any real confusion sets in, the book is less than pages long theodore sturgeon more than human all.

More Than Human is a classic sci-fi book that has not been out of print since the 50s.


What amazes me is theodore sturgeon more than human Theodore Sturgeon is not more popular or well known today, most of his books are out of print. A single paragraph from this book is worth more than the entire Twilight saga put together.

One poor lad is afflicted with acne rosacea for crossing the wrong mutant.

More Than Human

There are also several murders which are referred to but not depicted. It was passive, it was receptive, it was awake and alive.


If it was connected in any way to the animal integument, it ignored the connexions. Book cover art by David Stevenson 1st ; Derek James 2nd.

Theodore Sturgeon had a pendant he wore around his neck that summed up his philosophy of life. It was a letter "Q" with an arrow through it, and it meant, "Ask the next question. Many people stifle that questing urge, either because they're brought up to be innately shallow and narcissistic one doubts Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins spend much time crinkling their little brows and wondering what it's all aboutor theodore sturgeon more than human latching on to one or another packaged belief system or philosophy as a means of avoiding the really difficult and frightening questions, because such beliefs are designed expressly to allow adherents to pretend they have all the answers they need.

Still, many people — artists, scientists, philanthropists, humanitarians, teachers, or theodore sturgeon more than human just the guy on the street corner — never stop asking the next question.