On 28 April , the Security Council passed resolution on the All Member States of the United Nations are obliged under this resolution to report to the. On April 28, the UN Security Council unanimously voted to adopt Resolution , a measure aimed at preventing non-state actors from. In April , the UN Security Council (UNSC) adopted resolution , which establishes obligations on all States to have and enforce a.


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UN Security Council Resolution

Resolution also fulfills a function compliance role since it requires BTWC states parties to review their compliance with its obligations while they can use the more detailed criteria for national implementation in the resolution. Up to un resolution 1540 adoption of the resolution export control measures related to means of delivery had not been discussed widely in the international community.


The MTCR is an informal and voluntary association that aims to control the proliferation of rockets and unmanned air vehicle systems. Resolution requires as one of un resolution 1540 measures that states maintain effective export controls and although every country can implement the arrangements according to its national legislation, this legislation is now mandatory.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540

Since the principal focus of the resolution are non-state un resolution 1540means of delivery are expected to be less sophisticated means. The risk of non-state actors obtaining sophisticated ballistic or cruise missile technologies continues to exist and the Resolution will have to take into account the dual-use un resolution 1540 in its implementation so as not to affect legitimate peaceful commercial uses and industrial research.

All of the states in the region have already presented their compliance reports to the Committee. Many of them have, however, fulfilled only a minor part of their obligations under the resolution; ChilePanama, Peru and Venezuela being among those with the worst records.

un resolution 1540

U.S. Department of State

Many of the states in Oceania have had un resolution 1540 fulfilling their obligations under the resolution due to their small size and lack of resources.

For example, Kiribati has asked for assistance in adapting its legislative framework [28] and Vanuatu has asked for additional police training.

Africa also has the highest proportion of states not yet un resolution 1540 presented their compliance reports to the committee. Un resolution 1540 has largely been attributed to a lack of resources, and the existence of more pressing problems such as AIDS, small arms proliferation and conflict, but certain members of the non-aligned movement have also raised concerns over the possible impact of the resolution on national sovereignty.

Definition of related materials in the resolution: The regional and sub-regional organizations also include, among others, the following: Canada works with its un resolution 1540 to advance implementation, including by encouraging the submission of reports and action plans by all UN Member States un resolution 1540 the Committee.

It also established the Committee, to which all member states are obligated to submit national progress reports on their measures to implement Resolution extends the mandate of the Committee for two years and encourages it to cooperate with other organizations and increase its assistance to national governments.

UN Security Council Resolution 1540

Therefore, certain security issues facing states in un resolution 1540 region are identified here to provide some indication of the aspects of the resolution that may be an implementation priority.

Background The threat of non-state actors acquiring nuclear, biological or chemical weapons became un resolution 1540 growing concern for the international community after the end of the Cold War.

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The terrorist attacks of September 11, heightened these concerns, as information emerged about the ambitions of un resolution 1540 terrorist organizations to acquire and use WMD.

Khan nuclear trafficking network in highlighted the un resolution 1540 to counter illicit trafficking activities. Decisions adopted under Chapter VII are binding upon all member states and override other international obligations.

The resolution further calls upon states to promote dialogue and cooperation on nonproliferation, and to take cooperative action to prevent illegal trafficking.