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Qiyaas is only resorted to when there exists no text. So this asl fundamental principle is turned to when there exists no other source.

Usul e Fiqh by Dr. Mahmood Ghazi

And qiyaas supports the text. Thus, all that the texts that the Lawgiver has given rulings to, then they are in agreement with qiyaas, not in opposition to it.

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Usool e fiqh 8 The Scholars of usool have deduced from the Book and the Sunnah many usool fundamental principlesupon which they have built many rulings; by which they have also benefited themselves and benefited others.

Amongst these usool fundamental principles: So whosoever entertains a doubt regarding any of that, should return to the asl of certainty.

Usool al-Fiqh [ The Principles of Fiqh ] - English

And from it is their saying: What the Lawgiver has made obligatory, from the obligations, but the servant is incapable of usool e fiqh it, then that obligation is totally dropped. However, if he is capable of performing a part of it, then it is required for him to fulfil what he is capable of, whilst the part he is incapable of is dropped.

There usool e fiqh many many examples of this. Likewise, whatever the creation are in need of, then it has not been made haraam prohibited to them. This is because daroorah necessity allows those matters which are fixed and prohibited.

Asaan Usool E Fiqh : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And daroorah is measured by its need, in order to lessen the evil. Thus, daroorah permits the use of what is normally forbidden from food, drinks, clothing, and other than them.

Likewise, the prohibition of employing forbidden hiyaal means and stratagems is derived from this asl. Likewise, is directing those words which are kinaayaat usool e fiqh clear and unequivocal to be sareeh clear and equivocal is based upon this usool e fiqh. Its forms are very many indeed.


So when the benefit and harm are both in equal proportion, then: As regards al-hasr collecting and enumerating: By it, the fuqahaa are able to determine the shuroot of various things and matters, and that what is other than it, then the ruling is not affirmed for it. And from them is their saying: Thus, whatever steps usool e fiqh of this is not considered to be an act of worship.

And because Allaah created for us all that is upon the earth, usool e fiqh that we may benefit from all things and utilise them, except those things that the Lawgiver has made haraam unlawful to us.

However, compensation for injury and harm is required from the makallafeen morally responsibleand others. So whenever usool e fiqh person reaches maturity and is sane, those general obligations then become required from him to do. And those specific obligations also become required from him, providing he possesses those qualities which necessitate that.


usool e fiqh The naasee forgetful and the jaahil ignorant usool e fiqh is not held responsible from the point of view of sinning, nor from the point of view of compensating what is harmed or injured.

If it is not known to have become widespread, nor is there known to be anything in opposition to it, then according to the most correct opinion, it is a hujjah proof.